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Great design starts with YOUR vision

We take it further and make it a lasting legacy. A legacy that inspires and builds more than just a pretty picture.

three week support

We don't just design for you . We provide necessary support and answer questions along the way.

save time and money

Our job is to serve and protect you from the costly mistakes a renovation might entail.

Eco-friendly design

We always strive to do more for our planet and your home. Every design solution is packed with eco friendly tips.

This was my first experience with a designer and my first renovation. Communication, speed, and understanding exactly what I need for my small apartment were fast and superb. Extra support time and Q&A were a huge bonus. Renovation was completed in to months and the design project was submitted in two weeks. Julia simplified my renovation by a million and saved a ton of time. Thank you so much! I hope more people will use your services!

Это мой первый дизайнер и первый опыт ремонта. очень легко общаться, также она прекрасно и быстро поняла, что мне нужно для моей первой маленькой квартиры. Также очень понравилось возможность дополнительных консультаций по моим вопросам. Не знаю какой цвет подойдёт, звоню Юле. В итоге ремонт был закончен за 2 месяца. Проект был сдан также в сроки, в течении 2-х недель. Юлия упростила мой ремонт за миллион процентов и сэкономила кучу моего времени. Огромное тебе спасибо! Процветания и успехов тебе!
commercial projects

Create your dream interior TODAY!

Have questions? Call us today: +66 06 359 86 608


Choose the perfect plan

Every room requires different approach but equal love. We are delighted to offer you three options depending on your needs and budget. 


per room


per room


Per room

What our clients say

“Thank you Boardthirteen Interiors for a great design! Fast delivery, meeting deadlines, functionality and aesthetics went beyond our expectations! Our clients and us are very happy.”

Спасибо @boardthirteen_interiors за отличный дизайн нашего салона ! Быстрота , сроки , функциональность , все что было задумано все сделали на высшем уровне! Мы и наши клиенты очень довольны"


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