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Ten fall/winter investment travel pieces I’d buy this season.

The fall is upon us, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the new and here-to-stay fashion trends. Because of sustainability and stuff. We are traveling soon, and I will need perfect layering pieces for colder weather.

Travel wardrobe must be as versatile as possible that is why I have selected the following easy-to-pair pieces. Each item can be paired to the next one and to most of the stuff that I was writing about in this post.

All pics are my opinion only, and I hope you like them.

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I bought all the pieces I was talking about! And I love every single one of them like my life depends on it!

They did prove to be versatile, easy to pair and fit most of the occasions.

Here are the items for the fall/winter that I spy with my little eye:

Something leopard.

fall fashion fall fashion

I believe in a “sexy” even while on the go. It gives me the spark and an extra spring in my step. Knowing that I have something naughty or daring is very empowering. Bonus points if your new addition piece is vintage! I would probably stick to accessories like scarves, flats, and a clutch as opposed to something major like a coat. That way I can match it to way more outfits.

 A vest.

fall fashion fall fashion

An olive green goodness with waterfall lapels is what adds extra warmth and completes any basic look. Add some bright color on the lip, and I am ready to go out like this!

A kimono.

fall fashion fall fashion

Better late than never!  With so many choices in fabric, this is a go-to piece for a minimalist like me. Currently, I am looking at some large scarves that I already have in my collection but don’t wear as often.

Fashion is all about adopting trends on your terms! That is when it becomes Style.

Camel color ankle booties OR a new balance everyday sneaker.

fall fashion fall fashion

fall fashion fall fashion

Just bought me a treat! Check them out. The color is everything as it matches everything from blue to black to gray and more. I picked sneakers since I need something extremely comfortable to walk in.

Black skinny jeans.

fall fashion fall fashion

fall fashion

Rocker vibe is on!

Since giving birth, I have felt like I want to get my old self back. Never fully tried the chic rocker look. Might as well try now. Needless to say, they will match anything and everything.

I am currently on the lookout for the ones that keep ankles visible and midriff covered. Because getting abs is hard!

 A merino wool sweater.

fall fashion

Joe Fresh has one for 49$! Need I say more? It was plus 35 outside at the time, and I bought a merino sweater…this is how much I loved it.

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A dainty necklace.

fall fashion dainty necklace

Finally, I have started taking my accessory game seriously. Gone are the days of only buying a piece in hopes of wearing it with something. Now it has to go with EVERYTHING for me to buy it. Bonus points if the length is adjustable for extra versatility.

Something velvet.

fall fashion fall fashion

The 90’s are back, and I couldn’t be happier! Needless to say that return of the velvet it is the best part of them that is back.

I love this trend. No matter what you pair it with velvet gives an instant oomph! Made out of different fabrics like silk, cotton, and polyester it is one of the easiest pick-me-up pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your must-have fall pieces? Leave a comment down below! Don’t forget to Share it, Like it and Pin it for later!

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