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Ten fall and winter travel fashion pieces perfect for almost anywhere in the world.

Travel fashion is a different beast of an industry. It does not change as quickly as it should (zip-off pants anyone?) because we tend to wear it more often during our trip, which can take months or years at a time. It is also why we, as travelers, do prefer better quality over quantity because sometimes shopping is not an option.

Please note that this post does contain some affiliate links in which case I might be compensated if you buy something at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping through my site.

We, and by that I mean any style cautious girl out there who knew the struggle of the same outfit for a month, know that it piece for our suitcase has to be durable, comfortable, match with everything in it, and look cool.

Sounds not so easy, right?

Do not worry. I have got you covered for this season! The fall is upon us, and I have compiled here-to-stay pieces that are easy to layer, comfortable, durable, and look cool. The total count is 10, and most of them are affordable and very accessible.

A travel wardrobe must be as versatile as possible that is why I have selected the following easy-to-pair pieces. Each item compliments another one.

You can read my spring/summer post here. I bought all the pieces I was talking about, and I love every single one of them like my life depends on it! They did prove to be versatile, easy to pair and fit most of the occasions.

Here are the items for the fall and winter that will always look chic and up to date:


I believe in a “sexy” even while on the go. It gives me the spark and an extra spring in my step. Knowing that I have something naughty or daring is very empowering. Bonus points if your new addition piece is vintage! I would probably stick to accessories like scarves, flats, and a clutch as opposed to something major like a coat. That way I can match it to way more outfits.

Cost: $90

Found these in leather and a cute nose detail!Cost: $75

Cost: $19


Even if you are not traveling this fall, an olive green vest is a good and smart update. Fall is the season of unpredictable weather. It can be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. An olive green vest is an instant classic that adds extra warmth and completes any basic look. Add some bright color on the lip (like my fave red), and I am ready to go out like this.

 Cost: $19

Cost: $23


Kimono trend is here to stay. I think it has transitioned from an only evening item into something more wearable for a reason. I found a kimono is the perfect layer piece for any occasion. It can replace a cardigan if you are looking to change things up.  I am always cold so this must-have is a smart decision. To keep the look glamorous during colder months stick to darker colors and heavier materials like velvet, wool, or cashmere.

Cost: $135
Cost: $85

If you love gray as much as I do you will love this article! Travel fashion wardrobe cannot be complete without it.


This sneaker trend is not a trend anymore. Every time I see a fellow blogger in heals I cringe. When I bought mine, I did a bit of research, and it turns out the ones above were designed primarily for walking around the city. The sole is thick, the arch support is comfy, and the materials are super durable. They are also breathable and water-resistant.

Cost: $71.99

Cost: $49.95

Though the color might throw you a bit off, worry not. Despite the somewhat bold palettes, every single color it comes in is easy to match. A bonus point with those is that it makes my 9.5 size foot look small.



Rocker vibe is on!

Black skinnies are an essential travel item. No matter the style or preferences they go with everything and add an instant cool casual look to any outfit. And they will match well every piece recommended above! From sitting in a cheap cafe to an upscale restaurant, it will be your go-to pair every time.

Bonus points if you buy one with a high waist to get rid of the muffin top from overeating those baguettes.

In this case, keep it basic with no cuts, embellishments, washes or prints. Simple black is best.

Cost: $29.94

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How can you travel without one? Merino sweater is one piece to take to a theater and/or to cozy up in with an iPad when it rains outside. Buying quality is essential as it will last you through anything. It will not be cheap. Despite that fact, I have found some affordable options below.


Avoid purchasing anything that needs to be dry cleaned. Who wants to do laundry when on vacation, right? Merino wool can be washed on a delicate cycle or by hand in cold water.

Cost: $30Cost: $69

Want to know what to wear in Florence? Read this article to get the best out of your trip!


Dainty pieces take no space, match everything and add a little something-something to an otherwise simple outfit.  Bonus points if the length is adjustable for extra versatility. I have two: one in gold and another on in silver color. So I have a choice depending on the mood I am on. Smaller pieces are incredibly forgiving concerning style. It is almost impossible to overdo it and look like a Christmas tree.


Keep design and materials simple. One material, preferably silver or gold, to avoid fading. There are plenty of affordable options. Check some below.

It is best to keep them in a microfiber cloth sack to avoid tangling and have better organization.

Cost: $19

Cost: $22

Cost: $23


Velvet is a very soft material that adds a touch of luxury anywhere. I must say that brands are expanding their reach with travel fashion. I love this trend because no matter what you pair it with velvet gives an instant oomph!

Velvet is made out of different fabrics like silk, cotton, and polyester. It is one of the easiest pick-me-up pieces. It can be crushed which results in a softer and richer look because of texture appearance or smooth.

Cost: $17Cost: $34

Cost: $10.99

In this case, you can combine two trends pieces of advice in one and have a velvet kimono or a cute vest. I think that a cool velvet blazer in black is super chic. It reminds me of Paris nights. If velvet clothes are not your thing, it can be an accessory like the one below.

Cost: $16

Travel fashion can be complicated because we want to look good, be comfortable, not spend any effort on taking care of the garment, and stay stylish. Our wardrobe has to match everything at all times and not let us down when an out of the blue occasion to go to the Vivaldi symphony in Venice appears.

I hope this post helps you to surround yourself with comfortable pieces that you love, and to make a right and informed decision on why and how these pieces need to be in your life this fall.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your must-have fall travel fashion pieces? Leave a comment down below! Don’t forget to Share it, Like it and Pin it for later!




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  1. Susan Brown Reply Do you have the info on the leopard print shoes shown being worn in a photo above? Not the ballet flats, but the slip-ons shown in a pic with distressed jeans. Thanks!

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