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Spring has finally decided to show up and since I can’t wear any of my old clothes and don’t want to buy new ones just for the belly. SO I did the next best thing: I bought myself sunglasses. Those bad boys are so cute and handy and will neither go out of size or style.

Whenever I go for a walk nowadays, I see these following trends everywhere.

Planning to get away as soon as Junior is strong enough got me thinking about the versatility of those pieces and after applying them in various situations again and again in my mind, I think they will work from the beach to the mountains.

Maybe not all at once but surely one or two at a time a time for sure. Also, most of them are under $100-$50-$25 marks so they do not seem that expensive. Think price per wear considered their versatility which is a huge plus when traveling!

Here are 10 new fashion things I’d buy this spring:
1. Flowy off the shoulder top or with cutouts on shoulders

I find this trend rather new. What I like about it is that it is feminine and simple (that means goes with everything and easy to dress up or down) at the same time.

spring trends photo

2. Black motorcycle leather jacket

An instant pick-me-up to any basic wardrobe. There is a reason it was, is, and will be popular for years to come. Even if you work at a library, a motorcycle jacket has this rock star glam appearance that is bound to bring the sexy out!

spring trends photo

3. Waterfall coat for spring or thick cardigan for summer

For those cool summer/spring nights evenings and rainy days when you just want to curl up in something soft and cozy.

spring trends spring trends

4. Mildly ripped jeans or dark wash jeans

Though I consider dark denim far more versatile and appealing, mildly ripped (with a good story behind it) jeans are a good transition from winter to spring and then summer.

spring trends photo spring trends photo

5. Loafers/slip-ons.

No strings attached literally! Also, very versatile pieces that go with skirts, dresses, pants, jeans and shorts. Love!

shoes, spring shoessilver loafer, shoesspring trends photo

Find more styles here!

6. White casual blouse.

The key word is casual and not office button downs.

Goes with everything, easy to dress up or down it is amazing for any climate travel. Wear it with shorts, jeans, skirts and as a pareo!

spring trends photo spring trends photo

Find similar styles here and here!

7. Structured messenger bag/mini leather bag

travel bagmessanger bag photo

Every girl anywhere needs one!

8. A bomber jacket

Don’t you just love the instant sporty pick me up that that piece offers? The simple shape is a very good feature when it comes to the material and color. No matter what you choose it will look simple yet interesting, and chic enough.

spring trends photo  spring trends photo

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9. New sunglasses. 🙂

So far the only thing that makes me look glamorous without makeup. It is all about the round shapes!

spring trends photo

10. Jogger pants

Comfort, style, versatility and affordability of the item make it my number one must purchase once my butt will go to its original size.

spring trends photo

Here is another fab find!

What a girl or guy to do when all you want is to go on one crazy shopping spree? With all the new and hot collections everywhere it is really hard to walk by and pretend no to care. Even myself, I can’t go outside without feeling the new hot spring trends and dreaming about them later.

If there is another piece of advice I could give is plan accordingly! It is easy to get off the shopping course.

Take 1 hour to sort through your stuff: toss/keep/store. As well as your budget in mind and only take the amount you are comfortable to spend. Because an overdue credit card balance is never sexy.

Did you like the post? What do you think of the upcoming or happening trends? What is your must buy item this spring?


Always improving one's surroundings.

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