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Traveling is awesome! Everything that comes with it becomes a challenge. Like a long 30 min line during check-in or overweight luggage. It is all worth it once you reach your new destination. Inevitably building an immune system to combat upcoming uncertainties is necessary. Here are my 10 little travel helpers that I found super useful. They come in handy every time and no matter where I am. Some of them traditional travel accessories and some of them are nontraditional objects that give me a piece of mind every time.

Disclaimer: none of the following products is sponsored reviews. It is present in the post because I genuinely love the product and they are truly helpful.Collage1

  1. Luggage scales. Overweight luggage no more! Those fees, neither. Did you know that some of THEIR scales are broken? Sometimes they are! There was one time when it added 2 extra kg to my otherwise well managed case. I still do it, open and repack, from time to time at the scene. It happens rarely now than before.Collage 2
  1. Sharp and good quality kitchen knife. I bought mine in Berlin, Germany. One day we were passing by a blade store and the thought of being fed up with dull knives stroke me. I was going in! Moreover, I was not leaving without a blade. Unfortunately, we lost ours during our visit to Korea. No, we did not go to a park with it… I forgot to pack it. 🙁 Now that we are in Japan, I am going to buy it here. It is the place to buy knives.
  1. Clothes organizer. Those come especially handy in small spaces and countries like Japan, Taiwan, or even Europe. I like everything where I can find it and when it is easy to reach.
  1. Toiletry and/or makeup organizer. Nowhere to place your stuff, no problem! Thanks to the hook, I hang it almost anywhere.
  1. Flash light. Sometimes there are walks at night. In addition, at different times there are power shortages. If you already travel with one you also know a difference it makes in a bathroom!
  1. Reusable plastic bottle(I would prefer to have a thermos). It is essential to have fluids and stay hydrated especially when traveling. I remember my thrown away bottle of just bought water for 3$ by TSA and the look on my face. Thankfully, a woman in line saw me and recommended to pack an empty bottle of water for next time. She told me that I can refill it at the water fountain. I never looked back again or spent extra on airport water. If you have a thermos, it will get even handier to make your own tea, coffee, and even soup. (At the fraction of the price).  On long flights, I love to get warm with some out of the packet miso soup. Yum! Check out my post about healthy snacks here.
  1. HDMI cable wire to connect laptop with TV for movie experiences. I love my movies.
  1. Extra weightless bag. Occasionally we would book flights with companies with minimum amount of kg luggage allowance. So this one make a whole lot easier just to stuff with any overload. It also comes handy when we do groceries. Mine is foldable and can fit into my jacket pocket. I try to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible. They rip, unhealthy for environment, ugly, and noisy.Collage 3
  1. Samsung galaxy S04 Note. I used the very first generation before and then upgraded to this one. It is amazing for taking pictures, organizing documents, having multiple windows open, maps, voice recognition, and many more options! Once my old phone gave out, I understood how irreplaceable it was during my travels and how helpless I felt without it. It is great in every sense where technology is concerned.20150414_174849
  1. Toilet paper!You just never know when you gonna go. :)” Some countries, like Malaysia for example, have toilet paper stands OUTSIDE the cabin. Aha, I know. You are welcome…

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Also since you made it to the end, here is my Pinterest board that I recently started to accumulate all the latest and most useful travel accessories.

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