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Edited form the original August 2013 post.

August was a wonderful month that Mr K and I spend in the destination number one in the world. To read about what we did and where we stayed in Paris, France you can go here.

Paris photo 1

It was my third and not last time and I still think I didn’t even scratch the surface of this city. Sure you can go to all the museums and shows and streets but it won’t even come close until you meet a true French person, cook a true French, or rather Parisian, meal, and of course, go to buy groceries at the local shop, or market.

Paris photo 2

If you make it there, I really recommend seeing a very funny, delightful, and very real French comedian. Though I do not remember his name, his show “How to become a Parisian in one hour?” was so good that my cheeks and jaw were hurting by the end. Here is a link to his show. (the fact that I still remember, three years after the visit is a good sign)

Overall our visit left a dent in my thoughts that keeps on bugging me: you cannot really say that you know French style just by visiting Paris alone. However, I will try.:) Over the course of next week I will post three affordable truly French recipes that are both healthy and cruelty free (foie gras tastes nice but I just can’t bare the thought) and some fashion-style suggestions. Stay tuned since I do not know when exactly it is going to happen. Or better yet follow my Facebook page to get all the latest updates, travel news, and useful posts.


So in case you want to pretend immense yourself in Parisian style of life here are a couple of suggestions:

In order to understand what it is about Parisians that fascinates the world one has to become one. Easier said than done, right? Well, just like actors who work very hard to become someone else all it take is just imagination and a bit of guts. The city is just a beautiful backdrop, a good quality prop that is consistent in its appeal. How about pretending to be someone else? Wouldn’t that be a break from the usual routine of an every day mask that people grow accustomed to at home?

Paris photo

Here are 5 things Parisians do that North Americans find rude fascinating:

  1. Parisians, while nice, see through the bullshit. If you wrong them they will let you know that you just reached their limit.
  2. They are more infantile about work and more serious about leisure time. It seems that they put themselves first and actually mean it. They are not afraid of their boss screaming at them because they will scream or will go on strike right away.
  3. The part of “not taking any bullshit” is also seen in their way of dressing and making fun of the “fashion bloggers” who are looking for any opportunity to get their picture taken. Parisian style is very modest, almost uniform like, and exceptionally practical for both genders. I will write a separate article about it soon. 🙂
  4. They cherish their down time and enjoy wine, beer, and good food whenever they can avoiding the tourist spots. Life is expensive in Paris so the “popular” spots are always charging premiums. Therefore, you will almost never see any self-respecting local paying 3 euro for a croissant. 🙂 Remember these tips?
  5. They speak about things that matter: politics, environment, business, local government, art, and they really mean it. They seem like serious children who are out working than adults who are out playing.

I hope you are checking back soon because there are more articles like French recipes and French style for men and women that are going to be published in the nearest future. Join my Instagram because I am going to have 10 days of fun fact about Paris that I bet you didn’t know about. 🙂


Always improving one's surroundings.

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