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Surviving Canadian winter is a struggle.

Once, during a particularly cold winter day, I heard a DJ on the radio say:” No one knows about winter better than Canadians.” He was right.

Winter in Canada is not something I want to experience by choice. Yes, I am from Russia. It does get cold there as well. However, I have never felt so depressed in my life during winter until I came to Canada.

After living in my new home country for 14 years I can say that the following tips work because I use them myself when I didn’t have a chance to escape to a +30C.

Here are the tips on surviving Canadian winter and/or making it just a bit more bearable and happy.

1) Buy a humidifier.

I got my first random nose bleed in Montreal. The air was so dry it hurt my throat and nose. Winters in Canada reach -15C pretty quickly. Multiply it with an always working heater and you get a scratchy throat in no time. I would go with this one if I had to do it again.

Also having house plants helps but you have to have lots of them.

2) Invest in warm garments.

Though warm clothes do get pricey it does pay off with the wind chill and random snow storms. If you are on a budget Winners is a good store to start your search.

Pieces that every Canadian has:

3) Take care of your skin.

As mentioned above winter is not a friendly season especially when it comes to your skin.

Buy a lip balm to avoid cracked lips. A heavier cream for your face will save you from a dry face when you are older. Remember to apply it 30 min before you go outside.

Is your place warm? Read these tips on how to make your space a bit warmer this winter for free.

4) Go to the GYM.

It may seem like a good idea to become an always-reading-wine-sipping-junk-indulging curl ball but do not do it!

With almost nonstop holidays, Christmas, and then New Years parties everywhere winter becomes a bulking up season.

Summer is coming despite what one might think so plan accordingly. 🙂 It is also a great way to meet and see other people.

5) Have something to look forward to.

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that life stops. In Toronto, there are plenty of gigs, concerts, meetings, exhibitions, and luncheons that are happening. Check out BlogTO and Narcity for more info.

If city activities are not your thing then head to the slopes where you can enjoy white picturesque views and not slushy sidewalks. Blue Mountain is a good starting point.

You can also just escape for a couple of days somewhere you haven’t been before. That friend that invited you over from another city province, or country?

With so many activities you are bound to be entertained and then some. Of course, nothing beats Thailand! I should know.

Find out why I keep coming back to Thailand again and again here.

You can make your life a bit more cheerful and joyous even during winter months. Sometimes cold-in-your-face, slush-up-to-your-ankles conditions make the best memories and stories as well.

I hope your spirit is doing well and that after this post your winter became just a little bit more bearable.

What are your tips on making winter tolerable? Would love to hear them! 




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