In this rapid Brazil overview I will cover 5 must know tips you need to know when going to Brazil. Hope you find it helpful and inspiring!


Brazil, the mystical paradise where you may or may not get mugged. 🙂 No one can guarantee anything except for one thing-you will be amazed and awed! When we came there, we did not know what to expect. Though we did read all the dreadful stories before coming, we were still optimistic.

Because of the information that we were able to find on the internet and the fact that it was on the way to Los Angeles from Argentina, we decided to stay there for two full days. 🙂 Moreover, even that was scary. As you already probably suspect I am afraid of everything. As a result, I go to great lengths to avoid problems, insects and pests, food poisonings, and other uncomfortable scenarios. Nevertheless, I love a good challenge.


Funny enough, the night we came there, we found ourselves strolling at night on the beach and on the streets close to our hotel the moment we landed. May be if we stayed anywhere other than Ipanema neighborhood, it would be a different outcome for us.

Anyways, ahead were two awesome days full of activities, sightseeing, and snorkeling.

Here are five tips when visiting Brazil:

  1. If you do not carry anything of a value, you will be fine.
  2. When you buy a coconut on the street you can throw it away at the same vendor. Do not ask another vendor that you did not purchase the coconut from take it away from you.
  3. Research all the tours yourself. Word of mouth is good but fellow travelers know best. 20120730_142650
  4. There will be a pit stop at a gas station where you can buy a swimsuit with Brazilian colors.
  5. Study the area where you want to stay on Google maps.

Brazilians are a very friendly nation. They like to talk and make jokes. Football is an air they breathe and carnivals is the way they live. We liked it so much we wanted to stay longer. In fact, we want to come back and see the festival ourselves.


Did you like my mini Brazilian post? there is more to come where it came from. 🙂 have something to say, suggest, or add? Leave your comments down below! I would be thrilled to follow your tips on Brazil! See you next Wednesday.


Always improving one's surroundings.

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