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Getty Center Panorama Getty Center
Loving Los Angeles can be costly. The rent, the car, the food, the list can go on and on. This is why you are going to love these free tips because here you are bound to save some of that hard-earned green. In this post I am talking about the good stuff that has plenty of good photography options, may be some whale and celebrity spotting, and of course, free stuff. I like to stretch that dollar as much as possible, therefore I cannot wait to share these free activity tips with you!

Chances are, if you are coming to Los Angeles, you are going to rent a car. Why wouldn’t you? In USA it is the first thing that you should do, except may be for New York. So yeah, for all those activities a car is a must. Did I mention that all these free activities are family friendly? So paying for quick and easy ride is an investment into that piece of mind.20140313_144930

A must do FREE activities:

  1. Go to the Malibu and Manhattan beach through the canyons and stroll next to the houses of the rich and fabulous on the sand. Be cautious though. You have to stay away at least 100 feet from them. Malibu owners would like to believe that beaches are theirs (and who wouldn’t with those prices) but they are not. All beaches are public property and therefore are open for anyone.Malibu beach
  2. Go to the local farm and pick up some berries and fruit. They are amazing.IMG_1412 IMG_1413
  3. Getty Center is an absolutely fabulous place to walk, have a picnic (you can bring your own food and drink, no alcohol), take amazing views, appreciate art and be amazed with its stunning architecture. Parking is 15$ for the whole day and entrance is free.Getty Center gardenGetty Center Garden
  4. Participate in a free studio recording! That way you get to see some real celebrities and laugh at celebrity “wannabes”. Any major studio has this program. It is absolutely free and they even give away free stuff during the show. Mr K and I wend to the shoot of “2 Broke Girls# and Chelsea Lately. It was really fun both times. Bare in mind to get signed up in advance and not when you come as those free places get filled up fast. Parking is usually free as well.
  5. Food trucks are your prime target for both taste buds exhaustion and whimsy.Hiking in Los Angeles20140505_132542
  6. Hike! OMG go for a hike at Runyon Canyon you will thank me later. There are many more hikes that offer spectacular views and are absolutely free. Do not forget to not to step on a rattle snake or run away from a mountain lion as there are some. We saw a rattle snake on one of our hikes once. So where closed shoes, sunscreen, a hat and bring some water.Runyon CanyonRunyon Canyon
  7. Science museum. It is huge, free, and very impressive for anyone who is interested in anything from biology, physics, astronomy, to art and anthropology. The premises also have one of the most beautiful rose gardens. Both are to die for and as I said before are absolutely free.20140519_161042 20140523_142359
  8. Bonus tip! Don’t you just love those?! Visit a stand up or a good theater play. Improv is a good option. This one will require some money. Check out my previous post to see more sites. It is also a good idea to see ratings that shows usually have on their websites or read reviews from google. Some tickets are so cheap that you almost feel bad for not paying more. My previous post has all the good sites for where to shop for cheap tickets. Caution: this is not an activity to do with your kids or parents as the humor can get pretty raw and edgy at times.Runyon Canyon

Hope you found something new to do! Let me know if there are any questions! Enjoy, you are in Los Angeles!

Have any free tips yourself? Feel free to share! 🙂


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