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Going to Taiwan was an excellent and a surprising choice for us. We found out lots of new and interesting facts for ourselves about this beautiful and friendly place. To find out more about this compact and efficient country there is a summary that I posted here. This post is dedicated to necessary tips and tricks that you will find useful once in Taiwan.

7 Tips to get the most out of travel in Taiwan:

  1. Though currency Exchange places at the airport have a good rate, they charge commission. A fixed amount of 100 TWD charged upon the exchange.
  2. Do buy a Sim card with unlimited 3G WIFI that is only 900 TWD. It will last you for a month and will pay for itself many times over. If it is still available, Chunghwa Telecom is your Taiwanese best friend. Note: we could only recharge it at the Chunghwa office. Even if it does say that recharge is available at 7/11, Family Mart, Hi-life and OK Mart, none of our tries were fruitful.


  1. I purchased a Way go app to be able to translate Mandarin. It was accurate 70% of the time and even that helped a lot. Now we are in South Korea and I found it was indispensable here as well.
  2. Taiwanese do not take or hope for any tips at small shops and cafes or other services! What a relief. What you see is what you pay or it is included in the bill.20150122_214849
  3. Taxis are affordable, honest, reliable and fast.20150301_164946
  4. Always be polite. Whatever is happening might, and most definitely is, a misunderstanding.
  5. Do carry a copy or a picture of your passport with you at all times and especially to clubs. It is impossible for a foreigner to get inside without them.20150302_180938

Hope you enjoyed the post. Taiwan is a small and very efficient country. I hope to come back to it and next time to stay for longer. Two months was not enough!

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