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Gray matter…

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Today I am promoting the “Frenchest” color of all – gray.

Often people label it as the colorless version of a color. Moreover, it is also believed that people who wear it want to blend in or even that they are depressed.

Ever heard of a “gray mouse” expression?

The same thing goes for black, by the way. I disagree. I think gray is the perfect color to mix and match with whatever you want. Especially with my other favorite color white.

There is this ultimate sophistication and softness to the mix which showcases status and charisma.

Side note: A lot depends on the texture and quality of the material and the cut of the overall garment. Whether it is shorts, a dress, or a t-shirt it is no a fault of a color that the seams are crooked and that it doesn’t fit properly.

Here is my recent girl crush whom I can not seem to stop stalking on Instagram. Needless to say that her style @johannaeolsson is the perfection. You can follow her Instagram here.

Over the past three years Mr K and I tried a lot of options. We both failed and succeeded with different color options and materials. Sometimes I still can’t believe my fashion choices.

While there is no set in stone truth about clothing, especially when it comes to travel clothes, there are solutions out there. Color is one of the solutions. I found through practice and error that gray color is a “pass par tous!”, as French say it.

Check out my new Pinterest board that I built especially for this color.

Follow Julia K loves’s board grey on Pinterest.

Here are my top 7+1 reasons to like Gray color:

It is a forever awesome color.

You can dress in up or down with accessories.

Gold, especially rose gold, silver, bone, brass, metal, or anything else really. It will look gorgeous and polished.

Looks perfect on any skin color, depending on the shade.

Have you seen it on a tan body? OMG, it is so sexy. The lighter the skin tone the more saturated, opaque, and solid the color should be. Otherwise it will blend with the skin which no one wants.

Gray casual travel outfit

Top | Shoes | Clutch |Watch | Sunglasses

Can be matched to itself or any other color ( depending on the shade of course)

One of the few colors that make any monochrome outfit look gorgeous and runway worthy. It is also incredibly easy to match to any color. Pink/gray, blue/gray, purple, magenta, green and of course orange!

Sweatpants | Similar Cat ears (oh so cute) beanie | Sweatshirt |


Gray casual travel look

 | Sweater | Ripped Jeans | Booties | Bag | Portable Thermos cup

Sophisticated and simple enough for any occasion.

Beach, city, a movie premier, first class lounge, or backpacking, it just covers and can be worn in all aspects of life. Can be worn with statement pieces or by itself and still look good.

Almost impossible to get tired of it.

It is such a simple color that I can’t get tired of it. Any season anywhere it will and does look relevant.

Makes any make up pop, highlighting your features and hair.

Again, depending on the shade, gray is the perfect non aggressive canvas for any detail you might want to highlight.

Perfect base for anything.

I believe in quality over quantity especially when it comes to traveling and having the same pieces everywhere I go. Because it matches with everything it is as essential as white or black. A perfect base for everything it will be/become your go to item.

Gray casual travel look

Watch | Clutch | Pink Bomber | Sunglasses | Romper

Bonus tip:

Makes anyone look fresh and young. The simplicity of it and the freshness of the shade can drastically reduce one’s age and uplift the youth factor.

Hope you like this post! Let me know what is your favorite color and how you like to wear it.

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