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Nine days in Dubai.

In the beginning of November 2015, we had a privilege of staying in Dubai for nine days. Thanks to Mr. K’s extended family connections we enjoyed¬†our stay a lot.

We stayed at the Marina, a city/community within a city. In all honestly, it reminded me of Miami. Only Dubai is not humid, and the sun doesn’t really fry you alive, at least in November.

The ocean was warm and the beaches were super clean and safe. The public? Well, it was mostly middle to upper-class Russian. ūüėČ

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I must say that if it wasn’t for the location of the apartment our stay would probably turn out a bit different.

This post is going to be more political than others because I cannot help but discuss certain things.

Dubai is a young city with plenty to see and do. If you have been to Las Vegas you will see some similar fake unnatural appeal in Dubai.

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You can see it in structures which are the biggest and the boldest. Anything and everything they can put a finger on is over the top and looks show-offish.

Unfortunately, their road design leaves you to desire more. Though beautiful and well maintained, the ergonomics and thought behind the exits and signs are not up to a Western standard.

Have you ever tried to drive there? OMG! It is not for fainthearted or hot-headed individuals. Also, some of the service oriented tours are not the best when it comes to timing and implementation. So just be prepared.

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Get the electronic chip reader for the roads from your car rental. All the roads have electronic tolls.


Dubai is a car city if you are planning to go outside your community, so plan accordingly.

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It is an expensive city but can be affordable. Usually, if you step out of the tourist zones by one block, you will be able to feed the family of three adults and one child for 25$ with quality food and receive a good service.

That is what happened to us in the old city. After asking about the menu items and sitting next to a chain smoker at the next table we decide to move across the street which proved to be a much better bang for our buck.

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Their Economy:

10% of the local economy is based on an actual sale of oil. 60% is from tourism and the rest 30% is based on export and import. There is no set minimum wage in U.A.E. What you negotiate for a job whatever you agree on is what you get.

A lot depends on the color of one’s skin and what country one came from.

Read my post about awesome activities to do in Dubai here.

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I hope you will enjoy Dubai once you are there. Everyone is different and looks for different things. For me, it was a good place to see and have a carefree swim. Would I want to come back there? Absolutely! I want to see the famous Abu Dhabi mosque.

Dubai photo

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