Congratulations! You have made it to the last and final Part 10 of our journey throughout Australia! Tap yourself on the back and say, “well done”. If you are new to it then you might be interested in starting from the start: Part 1.

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For me and us it was a big step forward both mentally and physically. I like a good challenge when there is one and Australia was just the right one. Having traveled from Melbourne to Sidney until very North and the going through the desert was a revelation.

Australia road trip
Here are some other facts/tips that I learned when in Australia. Some you will remember from other posts and some are new. They will come in handy when you plan your trip so feel free to read them again.


1. The country is huge. It is huge considering that not even one half is full. Most of life is situated in the South West of Australia.
2. Climate is different between South, North, and Center. The scorching heat that hits you as soon as you get 40 minutsorth away from Melbourne.

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3. Aboriginals and their way of life or the lack of thereof. I apologize in advance if anyone gets offended but it is not a pretty sight. I hope there is more to them then what we saw, smelled, and experienced. Mistreated and abused aboriginals are a sad reality of any new world country. However, it should not become an excuse for people to be publicly intoxicated, shout, and resemble the other side of evolution tree. I can only hope that Australian government can do something positive about it besides giving away money.
4. Animals that evolved to kill anything anywhere at any time. I am not trying to scare you. It is a fact that Australia is home to one of the deadliest reptiles on the planet: saltwater crocodile. When you see the size of this thing, you will know what I mean. All the stories that we heard of people avoiding traveling alone, checking under toilet seat for spiders, and snakes were the least of our problems. There are also roaming free dingoes, wild camels, venomous snakes, koalas, that you would never think, can bite, aggressive wombats, sharks, jellyfish, and huge venomous lizards.

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5. Coffee is amazing and cost roughly the same everywhere. It is the country of good coffee. I do not know where they get it from but it was delicious.

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6. I have never been to England but having visited Australia I think I can have an idea of how it is there. People generally associate themselves and live by Great Britain rules. During the rarest moments of watching TV the news broadcasted would be that from England and then from Australia. You can also see plenty of fish & chips restaurants and pubs everywhere.
7. How expensive everything was. To this day, having traveled more than 25 countries, Australia is number one on my list. I still remember the awesome moment when we found parking for less than 100$/day. It was 60$ and it was right under the Sydney Opera theater.

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That concludes our Australian journey! How did you find it? Leave a comment down below!!!!!
Can’t wait to hear any tips or thoughts about Australia.


Always improving one's surroundings.

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