Part 8 is at your prime service here! WohOOO! We are at the best part of our tour. It is here where we really bit the bullet and did it all: sleeping under stars literally was the least of it as I found out later.

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We also spent the night on the train from Darwin to Alice Springs, stayed at the hottest place on earth (to me anyway) near King’s Canyon, were approached by wild dingoes, participated involuntary in a sand storm while sleeping under stars, saw the biggest rock in the world (Uluru) and appreciated some very interesting art done by aboriginals. And all of this was just 30% out of the whole experience. If it wasn’t for our quick and sometimes weird guide Leith our visit across Australia would not be the same. He was an attraction in himself: very energetic and laughing all the time. We did it all thanks to Groovy Grapes tour that was recommended to us by our awesome guide in Darwin. Remember Litchfield Park? Well it was there where we found out all about it.Collage 2

After Darwin we came to Alice Springs. Since we spent the whole night getting there by overnight train we were taking it easy for the whole next day. After that, we did not know what to do since it is a very small conjunction of couple of streets and a mall. To take a drive in any direction was not only not an option it was dangerous since it was +46C outside. There one has know where to go as it is a desert for the most part. The fact is, there was no other way of doing it except with a tour group. Why wouldn’t you anyways? The distance is insane and it gets so hot that unless you are in an equipped bus it is quite a challenge.

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Our best bet was to take a tour, which covers several main attractions in Central and Southern Australia. Though the price seemed steep, 750$ a person for 7 days of “nonstop fun”, it is during the tour when I realized that it was totally worth it. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone. The people that we have met and the sweat that we have shared will be forever engraved in my brain. From the sleepless nights, because I would wake up at any noise, turned “don’t-care-where-but-I-will-sleeeeeeep” situation to finding an opal while noodling in Coober Pedy, to amazing wine at the final stop, the tour was amazing!

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  • No, Uluru does not change color as it states in every brochure
  • the stars are amazing here since there are no light pollution
  • remind yourself again about those tips as they are essential during this part of your journey!
  • You will not want to look at another sandwich for a long time. It will pass.:)
  • No, you cannot see aboriginals in their homes, tribes, and villages as they are sacred and private. By law, you do have to have a special permit.



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