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Why I want to talk about my husband’s old shoes…

Does a pair of perfect travel shoes for him even exist?

Yes, it does!

Travel shoes for men are like a different universe. Finding one is hard enough. Making your significant other WANT to find one, a.k.a. go shopping for shoes, is a challenge with a capital “C”. Hopefully, this review is going to facilitate both for you!

*This is not a paid post. However, if you click a link and make a purchase, I might be compensated at no cost to you. I paid full price for these travel pair. This review covers a product that I found is of a high-quality standard and excellent durability, style, and value. If it helps you to save money, time, and energy then why not?

Bought in Rome, Italy and traveled all around the world including four different climates these pair of kicks worth their weight in gold, earned their keep, and made me a loyal customer (I style and shop for my husband because he cannot and would not bother).

Let’s talk about their history, pros, and cons.

Clarks is an American company which has a high-quality product and an affordable price tag. Mr. K bought his travel shoes for about 200 Euros for two pairs at the time, 2012.

Now, four years later and many miles covered we are replacing one of them.


These shoes were made to last!

Their present condition is still good despite the tired look. The sole is there and not rubbed away. The leather is intact, and there are no holes or otherwise ripped or damaged characteristics. All that considering my Significant Other is not the one who wears his stuff gently.

On the contrary. Mr. K’s ability to “burn” clothes and shoes while wearing is also one of the reasons I wanted to share this review with you.

If you are a fellow traveler or a person who likes quality, comfort, and a headache-free shopping, Clarks is the place where you are going to find your next perfect pair of good travel shoes at affordable prices.

Old shoes

old shoes

20160707_191140 Old shoes

Light and all-purposeful they can survive Canadian winter while staying breathable!

“Canadian winter” is a badge that not every shoe out there can wear proudly. That is a major plus. Mr. K also wore his pair on a hike to a volcano, jungle trekking in Costa Rica, sightseeing in rainy Japan in January and many more other locations filled with different terrain and activities.

At some point, he even managed to sneak them in into some fancy restaurants and play it cool. 🙂

I think it is important to mention that you have a wide foot or a side bone issue these were perfect in every way.

Despite the stitching, they never bothered or caused any trouble ever. These travel shoes are ideal for a person with a wide foot. Both pairs have stitching, and none of them caused any problems ever.

They match almost everything!

Talk about minimizing your luggage space and increasing the cost per wear. Jeans, shorts, slacks, casual pants,  did all look good and cohesive. It was another headache free moment for us and especially Mr. K. Since we needed a casual pair I did not expect them to go with a tuxedo or a classic suit. 🙂


They were a bit stiff at first and did result in a couple of blisters. Mr. K did not break them with a thick sock which would have helped. However, comfort was achieved by the second or third wear.

He also had to put an extra insole from New Balance sneakers because the original one was no good after a year. The insole was rather flat and with minimum arch support.

If you are planning on walking extensively then replacing the insole is necessary.

Final words:

For travel or not, I would buy from Clarks again in a heartbeat. The store’s selection, colors, quality of materials, and quality, as well as prices, are worth a dedicated trip. If there is one place to buy the perfect travel pair, it is Clarks store.

And I check it before anywhere else whenever we are on the market for that perfect pair of travel shoes.

I was so sad to let them go. Seriously. At this point, I couldn’t throw them away because these shoes became like family to me and Mr. K. He had them for four years!

Found some awesome styles!

travel shoes for himTravel shoes for him

Find more styles here!

What is your favorite travel accessory? Share it down below!

If you have a product that you love and travel with it non-stop shoot me a message at julia.k(at) I will feature it on the blog!

Hope you like the post!

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Perfect travel shoes for him exist! And they are affordable.


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