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As I mentioned before, you will have to rent a car if you want to go anywhere outside your area. Also, if I were you I would plan ahead your travel, activities and other important dates. Traveling during the tourist season would mean higher prices and less availability.

Making plans ahead gave me a piece of mind when we got there. Also, since there were a more than one person involved I divided activity research between the three of us which also helped immensely.

For concerts and other local events here go to



Tip #1

The well-known problem with the luxury car rentals…. They try to sting you for any minor scratch (that was probably always there). It’s can be a bit of a scam and varies between operators.

Tip #2

If you are going to the fast roller-coaster. I’d recommend you buy the gold ticket so you can skip the lines. Do that ride a few times and leave.


Tip #3

If you feel lonely in Dubai.

A new UAE community website,, hopes to change that by helping expatriates in Dubai – both new and old- find friends within their community and neighborhood.

Other popular activities in Dubai:

Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai Beaches

Helicopter Ride over Dubai

Jet Skiing

Skiing at Ski Dubai

Go-Karting at Dubai Autodrome

Jumeirah Beach and Burj-al-Arab Tour

Wild Wadi Water Theme

ParkDubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort

Burj Khalifa

Desert Safari

Dinner at Dubai Floating Restaurant

Dubai Creek Park TourHot Air Balloon RideVisit a SoukWonderland and SplashlandChildren’s CityScuba DivingDubai Zoo

Nad Al Sheba Racecourse

Tip #4

Try their famous drink/smoothie that consists of mango, guava, and strawberries. It is cheap and tastes like heaven especially after a long walk.

Food photo
Tip #5

Shopping is promoted as “the best” in the world, but in my humble opinion, everything is overpriced because of the hype. The same brand can be found everywhere else, moreover, the quality of the stuff sold is mediocre.

The “Outlet” malls sell past collections at current prices. And don’t get me started on the fur price vs quality.

desert photo

The best shopping that had good price vs value, to me, was in Tokyo, Japan. The variety, quality, and prices are very good. However, there is a very specific and beautiful style that you can find only in U.A.E. Check out my Pinterest board:

However, there is a very specific and beautiful style that you can find only in U.A.E. Check out my Pinterest board:

       Follow Julia K at’s board Dubai fashion on Pinterest.
Tip #6

If you are planning to have a sip of wine, cocktail, or anything alcoholic brace yourselves. The sad fact is that there is a Dry law implemented everywhere except in special places like clubs for tourists.

20$ per shot of tequila anyone? I did not think so.

So, here is the most important tip for your trip to Dubai: as soon as you come out of the passport control in the airport (not the airport itself) there is going to be a liquor store where you can buy almost anything your heart desires at ok prices.

Otherwise, you are SOL for the remainder of the trip. Stock up and leave the thoughts of being an alcoholic at home or behind the passport control room. 🙂

Going out in DubaiDubai club photo

Fun Facts about Dubai

Between 15 and 25% of the world’s construction cranes are currently in Dubai.

In Dubai, a new skyscraper is built every day.

It is considered the fifth safest city in the world.

Dubai is the Englishman’s most popular weekend destination.

The city has an indoor ski slope, which daily produces 6000 tons of snow.

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the whole world.

This weird oasis is a booming business Environment.

There is no street address in Dubai.

There are no personal or income taxes in Dubai.

Each day there are 1 in 5 person who purchases Gold in Dubai.

The world’s largest Horses can be found in Dubai.

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