I have been building you up to this story for quite some time now. If you are new to the series, please visit Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6. So here is what happened:

As I mentioned before it was also in Port Douglas when we were risking our lives and we did not even know about it. At this point, we did not know much about flora or fauna in Australia. Who knew that South of Australia was dangerous because of sharks and North is full of salt-water crocodiles as well as snakes, spiders, venomous reptiles and some very scary birds? Yeahh….

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Here is the story:

It was 21 of December 2012. It was literally the end of the world, as some people believed it. Lucky for us we made it to Port Douglas right on time! We checked in into our hotel and went to see around for some beers and snacks. After all, it was another hot day in Australia and we had another very long drive. We felt very lucky when we made it to the last five minutes of the liquor store and bought some refreshments. Happy and tired we went to the local beach for some R & R. Oh, what a beautiful night it was: warm breeze from the ocean, not a soul in view (there was a reason for that), the moon was so bright that it outcompeted all the streetlights put together. It was magical. I think if it were the end of the world, it would be an amazing one for us. Luckily, nothing happened and we went back to our hotel.

The next morning I saw this sign right next to the entrance of the beach:20121222_152229 20121222_153715 crocodile Collage

Turns out that even if the water is crystal blue, warm, and inviting it could be a death trap. Crocodiles are super smart reptiles and can calculate many steps ahead of the game prey. In Darwin, many beaches closed off completely because there were repeated attacks by crocodiles. On one of them, I saw crocodile prints. Unfortunately, my camera being a phone could not get it since it was too far. Nevertheless, I can assure you the prints were of the gator.

crocodile swamp
crocodile swamp

If you are visiting Australia for the first time here are my tips:

  • Do not travel alone. Especially if you are going to the swampy areas and rivers.
  • Do not come close to the shore and, if there are signs, or even closed off beaches then DO NOT ASK for it and stay away.
  • Remember every single animal in Australia has evolved to kill. Even cute koalas can injure a person with their claws and teeth.

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