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Miami in its full and sunny glory! As the title suggests, it is not always sunny. Yes, we were that lucky! Mr K and I got almost seven full days of a non stop rain and clouds. In the end I think we came back even paler than when we were going there. 🙂 Despite the lack of sun, I now get it why it is such a popular destination for elderly Canadians and families with very young children. Having visited Miami three different times in March, September, and January, I can say that the latter one is the most favorable. Winter months offer fresh air with minimum humidity than September. The ocean is still warm enough to swim and the sun doesn’t scorch you alive. Being pregnant, I can not overheat, so the weather was perfect for an always cold person like me. Overall it was a nice combination of neither hot nor cold.

Havana District

Since it was raining and cooler than usual, it turned out to be a good opportunity for us to discover Miami Downtown using their free trolley, shop at Aventura mall, and go to the local parks and neighborhoods. When in summer it just gets too hot for any exploring and all you want is either an air conditioned terrace or to sit in the ocean.


  • You will have to get/rent a car regardless of the proximity to the beach. Specific neighborhoods are good for walking, however, if you need to go outside of it you will need a car.
  • Be mindful of old people driving and taking it easy when they do it. Everyone is on vacation!
  • Visit as many beaches as you can as all of them and their neighborhoods are different. To make it easier for you Hallandale Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Beach are amazing.

Miami Beach photo

  • Get the toll machine for your car at the renters office, it will be worth it.

Miami parks

  • Parks are amazing and there are so many of them. Just be mindful of the season you are visiting them as mosquitos during hot and humid months (summer months through September as well) are a death trap. You have to literally separate yourself and them with a professional suit if you want to stay sane and not to be eaten alive. Parks that we visited were Oleta River State river park and Everglades National Park. There are going to be lots of  picnic areas gear and picture opportunities. Starting the park day early would be a fantastic contribution to your day because they are big. There are many activities that you can do there: biking, kayaking, canoeing, and in some parks you can take a boat tour.

Miami park

  • Key West is a must visit spot if you have time. Just the drive is amazing. Going through all the bridges and along the shore sometimes passing through little towns and parks made me realize that we did not even scratch the surface when we were thee. If I had to do it again I would plan a night stay and a park visit on almost every island.

Key West photo

Please be careful and stay informed! There is a travel alert for #ZikaVirus. The virus is not fatal but causes small head development in fetuses.

What to pack:

  • A sweater as it gets pretty chili outside when the sun is not around and during evening time.
  • Comfortable shoes that you can go to the park in. I missed my sketchers very much.
  • Bring sunblock anyways. You are exposed to sun even if it overcast outside.
  • If you are going to move around a lot then do bring comfortable pants that are not jeans. While it gets fresh outside it is not that cold to wear jeans. Visiting all those parks means that you are going to be active so pack a long sleeve sporty shirt and pants that protects the skin from bugs and sun.
  • Do bring a reusable water bottle everywhere. Stay hydrated in any weather and save money and environment while you are doing it. If you don’t buy bottled water: 2$(one bottle a day) x 7 days = 14$ saved or 7 plastic bottles are not going to end up in the same ocean you were swimming just earlier. 🙂 Everyone wins!

Hope you enjoyed my Miami post! If you have any activity suggestions during rain or overcast weather please SHARE them below.


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