Here is a short story on how we stayed in Europe for four months. Anything wrong with this statement?

If you are a Canadian citizen, you should know that you can not stay for longer than three consecutive months. You also know that you have to leave for about 90 days and then you can come back.

Netherlands fun storyFor whatever reason I thought I could and that it is going to be ok if I stay for four months in Europe. I guess it was traveling by planes and getting through airports that got me thinking that.

Anyways, I was wrong, and I made a mistake. I only found out at the border that I could not stay in Europe, all of it combined, for more than three months. Mr. K and I overstayed by one month. Luckily, we were leaving, not entering AND we got a good man at the Holland border, so we did not pay any fees fines.

Netherlands fun story

Since then we changed our passport due to “no space for visas.” We only ran out of the pages by the time we got to Canada (home). So now I have a new passport and no bad record.:)

But I remember about the punishment: we were not to come back to Europe for the following 90 days. I still feel ashamed and silly since I did research permits and time duration.


Border officers do ask you tricky questions at the passport control border about “how can you afford stuff?” Or they can only comment on how you could have run out of money because Europe is not exactly cheap and then wait for a reply. Be careful should you end up in this situation. Mr. K’s answer was “savings” or “good thing I saved enough” (which we did).

Netherlands fun story


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  1. I entered my home country on my second passport from another country (I have dual nationality)… BIG NO NO! Nearly didn’t make it!

    • Hi, Nikki,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I also have dual nationality and in some countries like Kazakhstan, which is Russian neighbor, I kinda have to enter with the Russian passport. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but even if you get a new passport, the record sticks. It isn’t just entered on the passport but in the system.

    • Hi Penny,

      I wonder hold long they keep their records. Thank you for stopping by! Happy traveling.

  3. Sorry to ruin your happiness, but you still have a bad record. You may have a new passport with no history, but they have everything in their system. Your violation of the rules will always be recorded… It wasn`t a serious one, so you got lucky that you didn`t have to pay the fine or anything. but if you ever violate immigration rules again they will know that this was not your first time…

    Imagine how easy it would be for illegal immigrants to just get a new passport and everything would be forgotten… No, it doesn`t work like that!

    • Hey Vick,

      I didn’t think of that BUT the officer said that as a punishment we would have to avoid coming to Europe for the next 9 months or so. If we showed up before we would be either fined or deported. I know better this time around. We are coming back to Europe after several years of absence so it should not be raising any eyebrows.

      I don’t know how it works with illegal immigrants as I was not one. I was a tourist who messed up and it was “written” on my forehead. Thank you for stopping by and Happy traveling!

    • Hello, Michelle!

      Yeah. We got a really nice guy at the border. We are coming back to Europe this fall so I hope the record is not going to show up. Happy traveling!

  4. I have sort of almost overstayed my visa when I visited Vietnam. Because I entered the country by train and I was travelling by night, I was so afraid that the border officers will not update the stamp before stamping my passport. It was just after midnight when we arrived and I was lucky. I only had a visa for 2 weeks and a flight to catch at the end so a mistake on the entry date would have put me in trouble. 🙂

    • Hi Joanna,

      We had a similar situation by overstaying in Thailand by one day because of the 31 and 30 days in our schedule. Anyways, we just paid the fine and were let go. The officers smiled as I guess there are lots of tourists with the same problem. I hope I will never have to make this mistake again. Happy traveling!

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