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Paris photo

One month in Paris was very insightful and full of new adventures. We did a lot of things differently. The very first time for Mr K and I was when he took me there by a complete surprise. Walking along the Paris canal a.k.a the Paris Plages, visiting Versailles and its gardens, and Petit Trianon, enjoying Jardin de Luxembourg were only a few highlights of our trip. Paris is so different depending on the neighborhood you are visiting and the time of the day, even season. Some are posh, others are very boheme, and majority are extremely touristy. 🙂 I hope to see more of France next time we come.

Paris photo

Tip #1:

To enjoy the real croissant and a true French baguette, go out of the touristy area. The rule of thumb is: the further out of the center the better the quality and prices are going to be.

Paris photo

Walking in Paris is like visiting a museum on itself. My favorite area, this time around, was around Jardin de Luxemburg. It was very picturesque, quiet, and a good mix between locals and tourists. It is also one of the attractions that you can enjoy for free. Another new discovery was the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. It was very informative and it didn’t take a whole day.  🙂

Jardin de Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg

Tip #2:

Most of the parks and churches are free to visit and it takes a considerable amount of time to get there. Start early and dress accordingly: cover shoulders and knees.


Tip #3:

Though our little apartment was really cute and had lots of character that I have never seen before, next time I would stay on the South-West part of Paris. This time we stayed in the 11 arrondissement (district). It was nice during the day but a bit sketchy during the night.

Our Paris Apartment

Tip #4:

One thing I regret not doing is exploring the French vintage boutiques. I hope to have more time next visit!

Paris Photo


Always improving one's surroundings.

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