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Travel wardrobe dilemma? I have decided to come up with a list of travel wardrobe basics that proved to be irreplaceable for Mr. K and me. Over the past several years I have resolved to buy and recommend to buy to others the same things over and over.

Why? Because they work! I have found that there is nothing more valuable than easy, headache free pieces that you just grab, put on, and go. Comfort has got to be first especially if we are traveling with a baby now. All items are baby proof as well if you know what I mean.

From South East Asia to North America and Europe these basics worth their weight in gold.

So our travel wardrobe basics are durable, easy to pack, lightweight, and match with everything. Unpretentious, with a quick drying and washing option these items proved you their worth time and time again.

And they are not that expensive!

Considering cost vs. wear, they turn out to be great investment pieces.

I hate the term “investment piece” and think it was a gimmick for companies to persuade you to buy their stuff.

Please remember that if you cannot afford stuff don’t. There is nothing worse than walking around and thinking you spent too much or avoiding activities that would be fun but can ruin your new 60$ T shirt. Yes, mine did cost that much.

Buy whatever you can afford and not lose sleep over. The next best thing so to say.

Below are the things that Mr. K and I use every day for the past six months and five years of travel


3 T-shirts: black, white, gray

I use Lululemon T shirts. With each shirt costing about 60$ I ended up spending 180$ on t-shirts. When I came to the store on one particularly hot and humid day in Toronto after walking with Nolan for about an hour and tried them on I was sold instantly.

Check out my post where to shop in Toronto on any budget!

The fabric, cut, and seam quality was superb. These T-shirts became a staple just like a little black dress. It made me realize that I would live in them now and when we go to SE Asia. And I did.

I wore them every day. They were and are a hit in my closet because they go with everything, are exceptionally lightweight, figure flattering.

However, they were 60$ each which was a big NO way point. What sold me on them completely and made me order other tops from the same material from Lululemon was their durability.

I have purchased T shirts from brands like H&M, and they did not last as long and never looked so good after a couple of washes.


Since that 180$ spree, I have become a smarter shopper. Lululemon has a section on their website called “We made too much.” If you have an app, as I do, you can see when your favorite, in this case, my favorite items, go on sale. WIN WIN WIN!

Seamless panties

NO matter the event life throws at me I am always ready. One just never knows when one might have a picture taken with one’s butt in it.

I hate when seams show either when wearing jeans, shorts, or a cute dress. It ruins the look. Plus these kinds of panties is super light and quick drying. They are perfect for packing and emergency wash in hot and humid countries.

I picked up mine at Uniqlo. Those are so comfortable and a steal at 5$ a pair than regular ones. So far it has been six months, and they have not lost their shape or color. Love them!

Sketchers shoes

I enjoy different activities. I also love comfort and versatility of this shoe. From grocery shopping in Japan to hiking Victoria Peak in Singapore, these win every time my mental packing/what-to-wear game. And they are so affordable!

I wore mine to their almost death. And I just bought a new pair to help me around Europe.

Check out my post about what to wear in Thailand! I talk about sketches there as well. Seriously, can’t get enough of these shoes.

Things to note:

When in the store, describe the type of activity you are going to be engaging. I did not do that when I bought my first pair. The new pair that I just got can be washed in the washing machine, unlike the old pair. There is a technology behind it so use it!

Buy special short slip socks that are quick drying and invisible.

Regular socks will not do with these shoes. Plus they take up lots of space and are not quick drying. And they also look rather dorky with this kind of shoe. They also can be worn with flats to avoid any blisters which is a bonus point.


Need I say more? In the even if a dress is too short for where you are going, or if you are going for a hike, or need an extra layer under your jeans/pants for added warmth, it is no brainer. I have cotton, 3/4 length, gray ones from Athleta that I bought several years ago and they are still cool. Ideally, I would like to get a pair that can be worn as pants and is reversible, meaning there are two colors. Another must is breath-ability.

On a recent trip to Thailand, my pair saved me from a sun burn.

Update: I just bought a pair of leggings from Lululemon (because I am obsessed) because my old black cotton ones are not presentable anymore AND the new ones are made of special-for-humidity-fabric that is supposed to be not as hot as cotton. Yey!


Everywhere shorts from workout to a cafe run.

Yes, again I am talking about Lululemon and their incredible, indestructible, lightweight shorts that look new after every wash. It is not that expensive considering one will have a one stop shop with these.

A T- shirt that can withstand everything. Again from Lululemon.


Nike shoes that proved themselves over and over again. Seriously, I bet it is the best seller because they are exceptionally lightweight, are comfortable on a hike and stylish enough for a clubbing scene and restaurant if worn with jeans.

A cooling sensation T shirts from Uniqlo.

They are called Airrism, cost about 10$ and already lasted for three years since the purchase. Mr. K is the person who does not treat his clothes gently, so the fact that they have survived for so long in a hot and humid, sun blasting climate is mind blowing.Currently, Mr. K has three colors: gray, black, and gray-blue. We did want to buy white, but it proved to be too transparent on him and looked weird.

Three cotton T shirts: black, white, navy

Airrism is comfortable until one is in the air conditioned room. Then it becomes cold. Basic colors in simple and plain t’s were perfect for airport, restaurant or cooler climates.


We packed way too much still. Apparently, when one has a kid there is no time to go out, or if you go, you go during the day because sleep and energy time is gold at this point. So packing things like, in case I will go out to a particular place was not a good idea. Mr. K did not wear his second pair of “nicer” shoes at all.

It turns out I love cheap eateries more than high-end dining! It is fantastic because it requires very basic attire and an easy-going attitude.

Travel pieces that worked

Jeans in a hot climate also proved to be useless. One can wear lightweight pants on the plane and then use them for hiking later on.

Mr. K has a pair from Lululemon (again, I know) that has a cooling effect as well. Quick drying and incredibly lightweight they served equally well for both hot and cool climates.

As for me?

I bought two dresses different color. A different cut of the second dress would be a much better choice and could work as a beach cover up. And a bit of makeup would not hurt either. I packed none whatsoever.

But overall I did well. Much better than last several hundred times!

Deciding on your travel wardrobe is hard! What are your go to pieces when you travel no matter the climate? Leave a comment down below! Would love to read them!

His and hers travel wardrobe basics that worked.


Always improving one's surroundings.

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