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What we did this time in Japan.

This post is three in one: a farewell to Tokyo, Japan, a list of new things we did here, and some good ideas to celebrate a birthday Japanese style. 🙂 It is going to be a good one.


The time has come and we are moving on to the next location for a couple of days: Seattle, USA and now, Toronto, Canada. Here is my little goodbye or rather until the next time! Japan was awesome as always and I will keep coming back. Here are my previous posts that you can learn about this amazing tiny efficient bubble of a country.

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This time around, it was also very interesting for Mr. K and me; because we did some things, we did not do before and met some really interesting and inspiring people. It was the second time when I celebrated my birthday in Tokyo, Japan. The first time was two years ago.

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If you follow my Facebook page then you probably saw it in detail. Since our lifestyle doesn’t permit to hoard collect things Mr. K resumed to researching new experiences. He planned and executed an awesome birthday for me. Never have I thought that turning 29 would be so great.

This time around, we also managed to:

Got ourselves wet in Oedo onsen in Odaiba.
onsen collage
Have a one to one with owls at Owl café.

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Lived in the posh Mita neighborhood.

This time around we were staying in a two story townhouse. Though no bigger than an average apartment in Toronto it was still pretty awesome. Two months in a completely different neighborhood was epic.

Went to the local gym every other day.

What a great way to see how locals exercise and learn their ways. I hope that one day I will be as energetic as some of the older (and I mean significantly older ladies).

Tried 100 yen sushi restaurant.

I think a 1 dollar sushi is just a despicable idea in a West. As soon as you think about the concept it just sounds too good to be true! But it isn’t. It was the best find of a century. If you are in Tokyo, there are several locations where you can eat it. They are ust as fresh, yummy, and organized as any other conveyor belt restaurant.

Tokyo Japan (32)

Tokyo Japan (33) Tokyo Japan (34)

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Tasted one of the best sushi in the world in Kanesaka restaurant.

It was one of the best presents ever. As I am an avid sushi fanatic I was and still am dreaming about our experience. Everything from an atmosphere to the dining crowd, and of course, sushi was amazing.

Sang some local karaoke.

There is one thing to sing karaoke in an English company and completely another when the crowd is international. I loved it. What is it about going, finding, negotiating, and then actually singing at the place?

Got lost on a Tsukuba mountain while hiking.

While exploring and hiking we got lost. If it wasn’t for the kind-hearted lady that lived in the middle of the forest we would still be there to this day, I think.

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Did some Japanese bbq.

It was our first experience. The bbq, in this case, was made out of yakisoba noodles and pork meet with soy bean sprouts. We are addicted to for forever!

Met some awesome people whom I hope to see again.

Meeting and becoming friends is one of the best experiences one can have during the travels. I am so thankful for the new people in my life because if it wasn’t for some of them speaking Japanese I would be living in a forest right now. (read above)

There was also a miss: Tsukiji market that I do not recommend to visit. Out of the whole two months, it was our biggest disappointment and a “shouldn’t” moment. After reading so many articles on “the amazing experience” I can wholeheartedly say that it was a complete waste of time. I will post a separate article about that experience later.

tsukiji market collage

This upcoming Saturday stay tuned to learn how to see Tokyo in three days and love it. A fellow reader asked how to and what to cover in Tokyo during a mini stay of three days. See you Saturday!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have you been to Tokyo? Do you have any tips? Share them right below! Hit that “Like” button and don’t forget to SHARE.



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