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Free birthday gifts? YES, please!

Celebrating a birthday with no money is an art and a developed skill. When funds and inspiration run low here are a few ways to make your friend, spouse, sibling, frenemy, or even a ex boss feel special.

Here is my take on the very important and not a very well covered idea behind gift giving for that special person in your life. Most of the times we, travelers, resolve to always going to a bar in a new location and get drunk and have the same hangover everywhere we go.

Or we get shitty cheap useless crap as gifts. Well, NO more!

Prepare to be hooked on my birthday ideas as I have been an unconventional celebrator for the past five years and about 10 birthdays so far each in a different country.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Money or no money, in the end, it is all about the perfect fit for the person you are giving a gift.

Ways to celebrate any birthday for free or almost free are:

1. Make it a theme and cook something!

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal after a long stretch of eating out noodles or any other foreign food. Sometimes a girl just needs to make an olivie salad. (traditional Russian salad) Mr. K is always happy to eat some home cooked waffles that spell out his name or a nostalgic delicatessen that just brings childhood memories back.

2. Depending on which city you are in,

google around “how to celebrate a birthday in “CITY NAME””. Then google “free activities in “City Name”, pick the one which is the best fit for the birthday man/woman, and go for it. This is how I found out that a boat ride to Catalina island is free if it is your birthday and What a Bagel in Toronto gives you free bagels,(with a purchase).

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3. If you are friends with Photoshop…

…then making/creating and original piece of art, a card, a themed poster, or your photo, and send it as a surprise. It costs next to nothing to print it nowadays but the impact can be amazing. Please check Ikea for frames before ordering custom!

4. Write a poem or…

…if rhyme is not your friend, just write a handwritten note to that special someone. State the unique characteristics that only he/she has. or bring back a fun memory that you had together.

5. Make them an offer they just can’t refuse!

On numerous occasions, time spent on something useful was more valuable than an actual physical present. Give your birthday guy or gal your time to do anything they want.

Were they putting off painting the room? Done! Deep cleaning their house? Done! Did they want to go on a hike in a forest but we’re too scared? Done. Anything they might have wanted to do but were too scared or busy doing will be an amazing experience once they have actually completed it. Talk about the bucket list completion!

In recent view of my articles I am opening the whole new section on the blog called Destination Birthday. In this section I am going to be covering how to celebrate a birthday in any city around the world.

I am also going to cover the gift guide selection for part-time and full-time travelers. Because we also like to get gifts regardless of our ever wondering lifestyle. #iwanttofeelspecial

I hope that helped! Let me know in the comments down below if it is something you would do. Do you have an idea for a perfect gift that doesn’t revolve around money? Share it down below! Can’t wait to collect them all.😊

FREE GIFT Birthday ideas


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