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Though it was not love at first sight for me with Los Angeles, I came to realize that there is more to it than celebrity culture and movies. There are also world class museums, galleries, showcases, restaurants, beaches, parks, neighborhoods, and many more. You have to know where to be and at what time in order to find yourself gasping for more than you can handle. Because whatever you want it is going to be here in L. A. These are pictures from our furnished Valley apartment when we were lucky to stay for 4 months.
Los Angeles apartment 1
In short you have to research and know where to find what you are looking for because L.A. has it all. Side note: only in Los Angeles you can have both gay and old school Russian area at the same time! 🙂
Some of my golden places to look for tickets, apartments, events, or free stuff are these websites:
Let me know if there are more sites! I am sure I missed some of them.
Los Angeles apartment 2

Where to stay in LA.

Stay away from East section, Inglewood. Though it is still for me to discover, Pasadena is a good neighborhood that I heard a lot of good things. West Hollywood is the place to see and be seen. Located between Hollywood and Beverly Hills it is a very nice and safe mix of everyone mixed together. Think old school Russians together with gays. Doesn’t it sound like fun? This time around we stayed here and I absolutely loved it! The Valley, or rather San Fernando Valley, is a more affordable option than the rest of the city. Hollywood, where the walk of fame is, is THE touristy area and it used to be pretty ghetto especially at night. It is gets especially sketchy closer to evening time. Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are superb in terms of visit but are way too expensive to live in. May be in my next life. 🙂
Los Angeles apartment 3


DO stay as close to were you want to be or your points of interest. Even if it is going to be more expensive it will pay off since traffic in Los Angeles is exceptionally slow and shows no signs of improving.
Hungry for more details? Since this post turned out a bit too lengthy there is another one coming up next week! Stay tuned as you are bound to save some money and rediscover Los Angeles from a new side.

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