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Welcome to Japan!

Japan travel

So you decided to come to Japan, the most amazing country in the world based in my very biased opinion. It doesn’t seem at all scary anymore and you are very open to going and seeing several cities in one shot? Did you come for 21 days?

Good, you will need every single one of them.

I was asked to create an itinerary for a fellow nomad who is traveling for 21 days. It comes in handy because I can share it with you guys. This post covers where to stay, affordable accommodation, areas of interest, navigation tips, and more.

Covering the basics so to say. Stay tuned for the second part of this post.

Chances are you are going to start your trip from Tokyo (great choice by the way). This post covers everything you need to know.


It is best to travel for several weeks and not days. That way your initial shock will wear off better and understanding of the culture will be deeper.


Affordable accommodation:

If you have not booked a Sakura House hotel, that introduces you to Japanese culture and most things in Tokyo, do not worry. There are number of places you can go and plan your activities accordingly. There are plenty of hotels, ryokans, hostels, and other accommodations. Most of them are decently priced.

Want to feel even more prepared for your visit? Read my post about 7 myths about Japan.

Where to stay:

Tokyo is fun everywhere. Moreover, it is safe for anyone everywhere. However, you are going to have more fun and ease of navigation if you book your accommodation at the following locations: Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo Station, Asakusa and Tsukiji.

If you book your stay at South-West, South-East and North-East it would be ideal for you because every single one of those stations are prime attraction destinations. Below is the subway map and I have put circles around best areas to stay in.

sabway with spots

Navigating to and from Tokyo:

Going to and from Haneda airport is best as it is closest to the city. The other airport, Narita, only seems “close” but is actually 1h 30 min away from the main station and then another 40 min from any hotel.


Please note that the maps in Japan are not to scale and that North is not always pointing up.

 Getting around Tokyo easily:

It is going to be a lot cheaper if you buy a JR RAIL PASS available only for tourists and outside Japan. You can buy it in a travel agency.

It is an extremely fast and reliable transport. Not only can you use it on most lines outside the city but also inside their metro network. A JR line goes around the city center. Very convenient if you ask me.

PASMO is also a good card to have since it also works as a debit card that you can use in restaurants, bars, shops, and whatever else where they are accepted. Nothing makes you feel more like Japanese when you use it.


To give you a ballpark figure: I personally was putting 1000 Yen a day to get around.


Unfortunately Tokyo metro does not work for 24 hours. It closes at 12 a.m. and opens at 5 a.m. Make sure you remember that when you go out!

This post turned out to be two posts due to too much helpful information.

Japan travel

See you in How to see amazing Japan in three weeks. Part 2.

I have also found this helpful post from Nomadic Matt. He covers Japan expenses pretty well. I recommend reading it if you want to save some money.

Did you like my post? Feel free to post your comments about Japan and interesting places you have seen down below! Every comment makes me smile and have a fuzzy feeling inside. I cannot wait to hear from you! 


Always improving one's surroundings.

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