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To continue your tour around Japan, here is the promised second part to How to see Japan in three weeks. This is the fun Part! To see all the necessary essentials you need to go to Part 1Here we go with detailed visit ideas for your upcoming trip to Japan.

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  1. For a night scene go to Shinjuku’s Park Hyatt from one of my favorite movies Lost in Translation. It is pricey but totally worth it.
  2. Ginza neighborhood is a shopping mecca that’s home to the fanciest stores, Japanese and foreign alike.
  3. Shibuya and Harajuku, the twin centers of teen culture, are the places to see what the hip kids are wearing these days. There are also more traditional attractions that shouldn’t be skipped, such as a zoo, old Asakusa shrine, and an old-style temple district.
  4. Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown is where you want to go out clubbing.
  5. Take the monorail to the harbor island of Odaiba, where you can shop, visit a giant robot, and hit the beach.
  6. Visit Toyota showroom. Reservation is a must. I am going this time!
  7. Walk in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It is number one park in Tokyo. It is very big and exceptionally beautiful. Most parks are not free. They will cost at most from 100 to 600 Yen or $6 USD per person for entrance.
  8. Do go and treat yourself: to a local hot coffee from a vending machine. There are also tons of local ramen shops and bars that are cheap and friendly. Sometimes to order there is a machine outside for you to see the choice of dishes. Order and pay there and then come in to eat!
  9. Seafood market – Tsukiji market. Before going make sure it is open and running. Sometimes, during the winter months it is closed to the public. Your hotel might know for sure, or even call for you so check first!
  10. Odaiba beach and Mairan museum. Since they are located close to each other why not do both?
  11. Sumo – very interesting if you go with someone.
  12. Owl café. I kid you not! There is such a thing as an actual café where there are owls and you can hang out with them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get there yet but I would love to try it out. I have a feeling it is going to happen this time around.

Ah memories! Sometimes they seem like a beautiful dream. Check out some pictures here!

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Fuji climb trip – If you can make it for a specific time period then by all means do climb it! Prepare to spend more than one day there. If you want to see how one, non climbing, day looks like here it is. To find more about mount Fuji I found this website that I hope you will find useful. There is also this one.


I pretty much agree with Tripadvisor suggestions. I have tried all of them and I highly recommend most of them. Check out my previous rendezvous with Kyoto here.

  1. Inari Shrine. It is breathtaking and is a necessary trip even if you cannot walk, crawl or move. Absolutely amazing and bewildering.
  2. Arashiyama– bamboo forest.
  3. Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
  4. Kinkaku-ji Temple– golden castle. Covered in real gold!
  5. Zenrinji-temple, Eikan-do– beautiful architecture, park, and shrine.
  6. Gion neighborhood.
  7. Philosopher’s Walk– street and neighborhood.
  8. Sannenzaka Ninenzaka– shops and neighborhood.
  9. Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre– in case you missed it in Tokyo here is another Kabuki theater.

Side note: If you do not see any temples after that it is ok. IMHO(in my humble opinion), once you have seen the ones on my list, you have seen all of them.

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Osaka: this city is bigger than Tokyo.

  1. Dotonbori – neighborhood walk, restaurants. Your jaw will hang open from the beginning till the end of the street.
  2. Shinsaibashi– mall, shopping.
  3. Osaka Castle and Park– a must visit!
  4. Floating Garden
  5. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living – if you saved money on ryokan than this museum is a good place to catch up.

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If you are going in the summer, it is going to be HOT! Dress accordingly and stay hydrated and covered no matter what. Nagasaki is a beautiful coastal city that is worth a trip for one to two days. Their WWII museum made me cry and I am usually good with tears.

Interesting fact: After visiting oh so many countries and their World War II museums, Japan was the first country to admit publicly their mistake. In the museum you can find an issued apology and a promise to build better future and eventually to move on from their mistake of starting the war.

  1. Inasa – panoramic view
  2. Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
  3. Takahama Beach
  4. Fukusaiji Temple – it is not so much the temple as the walk to it. The walk is taking you through the most interesting looking cemetery. As morbid as it sounds, it is was awesome!

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Food tips:

  • Do try to make it to the Tsukiji market for fresh off the boat sushi. Bear in mind that it will be around 3 a.m. and it is going to be pricey. At $35 per person it is absolutely amazing and totally worth it! They accept cash only.
  • Soba, Udon, and Ramen are all an acquired taste dishes. If you do decide to indulge in noodles – you are in luck. Japan is full of those little soup or noodle shops. They are dirt cheap and yummy.
  • The easiest way to go to a restaurant is when you see the menu in front of you: how your future food looks and how big the portions are. In Japan, most restaurants are both good and affordable. There are places that you can have a quality meal for four people for 1500 Yen or $15 USD.
  • They have interesting curry, which is not spicy hot at all.
  • Avoid shopping malls’ restaurants because those do get expensive for the same quality of food. Although I would recommend passing by deli courts, in those shopping malls, to see how Japanese people indulge in food packaging, presentation and execution. Eat first though. 🙂
  • Enjoy whatever you are eating there is going to be none of it at home!

If you did not get to visit all or any, or only visited some of the attractions mentioned, it is ok! Japan is a wonderful country to come back to. Each time you are guaranteed to see something new and totally awesome. There is always next time, because once you have been to this small but extremely efficient island you get affected with their way of life. Sooner or later you become and start longing for their atmosphere, busy surroundings, smells, tastes, looks and traditions.

Did you like my post? Feel free to post your comments about Japan and interesting places you have seen down below!


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    • It is an awesome place because it is unlike any other. It is a mini universe within its own world. Definitely a good start for any adventure.

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