Celebrating Mr K’s birthday in Berlin!


This is one of the few stories that we remember and laugh hard every time we tell it to someone who is willing to listen.

1st of September was our first day in Berlin. It also meant that I had less than 24 hours to plan Mr K’s birthday. You see, his birthday is on the second. With me getting into the habit of planning everything in advance I already knew in theory what we were going to do.

 First part of the birthday.

Ever since he was a little dude he wanted to fly. So taking a flight lesson with a professional pilot in a Cessna seemed like a good idea. (face palm)


Mother nature, however, had different plans. It rained and was extremely windy for us to fly anywhere the whole next day. Later, the whole experience made me realize something very important about my significant other: sea and air sickness are the same thing and very cruel in closed confinements. As soon as we took off our little Cessna was bombarded with wind and air pockets making my birthday guy vomit all over pilot’s headphones, the microphone (yes it was a stereo system in full throttle), all the spare bags I could find (all two of them), the dashboard, and of course, his coat.

Birthday ideas Birthday ideas

How can one person create so much bodily fluids in less than 15 minutes is beyond me.

I was sick as well but I was terrified more. Never have I thought to bring my husband through this and pay for a pile of vomit 300 euros. Needless to say I married the most upbeat person on the planet because even after that he said a polite “thank you for the present” and tried to look cool. 😀

The second part of the birthday.

birthday ideas

Since we just came to Berlin and it was rainy and cold I decided to buy several pieces of different cakes at a local store and throw him a degustation party. For whatever reason I thought a huge candle from our rented apartment would work I was wrong. Why? Because even when I put it on the solid surface of a plate it was so tall that it started wobbling around causing me to catch it like they do in funny videos making the whole degustation plate fall inevitably on the floor face down…Face-palm…

birthday ideas

birthday fail

It was so bad that I started laughing hysterically instead of crying. When he saw what happened he had the same reaction.
We just scrapped everything we could and ate it regardless. The apartment’s floor was clean enough and we didn’t touch the floor part.

This day I will never forget. Everything went wrong for the right reasons.

 Now, even if we were both sick and exhausted that day, we have the best memories that make us actually happier as a couple.

 Do you have a birthday story you want to share or an activity you might want to suggest? Leave it right below, don’t be shy! Would love to hear or even feature one! 

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