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Parisian chic… What is it about French style that people all over the world call “timeless”, chic, feminine and Oh là là? I did some research and found credible sources that paint a clearer picture of what truly constitutes Parisian chic.

If you read my recent ♥post♥, you know by now certain aspects of Parisian culture that will help understand this article even better.

To me, it was important not only to know items that French women come back to time and time again but to understand WHY they do so. To understand the thought behind the most copied and obsessed style all over the world. In this post, I cover style, clothes, make-up, and attitude that help women achieve that Parisian chic Je ne sais quoi.

1. Style is timeless.

It is important to understand the logic and how Parisian and french women think. You will never see a French or Parisian woman showing off her stuff. Modesty is the ultimate sophistication. The general rule is that if you see any branded item on a girl that means she is either not French or not from Paris.

“…we all know that if you’re a true Parisienne, interesting wins over pretty every time”- Byrdie


Life in the capital is expensive so the key pieces in every day and busy life in an always buzzing city are vital.

No one there wants to fuss in front of the mirror for an hour with their makeup or picking “what to wear” for the 100th time. Everyone is simply following the perfectly unperfected look.

Get it done to a point where you look presentable and get out as soon as you can to enjoy an actual life.

What is the point to get your hair done for 1.5 hours with 5 different products if it is maybe going to get wet, or wind-blasted anyways? Getting a taxi is pricey and a savvy Parisian woman gets everywhere by bicycle or metro anyways.

Surprise! Not all Parisian women are fashion bloggers with private cars! ¦D

2. Timeless clothes.

Parisian chic essentials are the classic pieces that one buys once and wears them for years to come. So they have to stay simple and relevant to the ties you live in. Have you seen the size of an average apartment in Paris? One simply doesn’ have the space to buy new clothes all the time.

  1. White shirt. Tailored at the waist it is the epitome of French chic that is worn by French women off and on office hours. Completely versatile it is the staple of the modern Parisian chic.
  2. Tailored blazer. Tuxedo like. Fitted or tailored if you wear it over a simple top or it can be oversized if you wear it as an outerwear piece.
  3. Ballerinas or loafers. French girls do not really wear sneakers to work. Going to and from work on foot or public transport is something French women do almost every day. Local commute can be sometimes too much so good quality and simple pair that goes with everything is a must.
  4. (Little) black dress. Developed by a Coco Chanel it is a staple in more than France nowadays. Black is always chic and the dress shape is supposed to be flattering to your body shape. It is the staple of the Parisian chic because of its versatility during the days when you have “nothing to wear” or in “doubt”.

    “The trick is to get dressed fresh, neat, and tidy”. Source

  5. Perfect T-Shirt in several colors. Start with a black one because of the color versatility. The fit has to be flowy enough so one can move and long enough so you can tuck it in the pants if you need to. Once you have found your perfect shape- get several ones in different and flattering colors.
  6. Turtleneck sweater in a cozy fabric. Preferably made from Cashmere. Then the feel is going to be like someone is hugging you all the time. Gray is a fabulous color that can look good with any color denim, especially blue or dark blue. It has to flatter your body type and be comfortable.
  7. Pair of dark blue jeans. A perfect pair can be dressed up or down for later if you want to go out. Dark denim also lasts longer because it is treated differently than light denim which is usually bleached.
  8. Huge scarf. In the winter it can be made out of wool and in the summer opt for cotton fabric. It can dress up any neutral outfit and give it an extra kick and cover your mouth if you ate too much of onion soup. 🙂
  9. Purse where everything fits. No matter the occasion the “everything purse” has to hold, well, everything. Once a busy French girl exits her abode she will probably come back there very late and so the purse should e as versatile as it is big.
  10. Back and pointy high heels. Basic, superhero, chic black heels that make your legs look incredible but hurt like hell. Yes, I said comfort is everything but one cannot avoid events or certain parties forever.

3. Hair is everything

Why are the women of France are not bothered at all with their looks? Because they prefer natural and easy-going, easy getting around accessories, clothes, cars, apartments and anything else that brings comfort faster than slower.

In fact, Harper’s Bazaar says it better:

“…the lower the heel, the better, invest in a white button-down, perfect the bedhead, it is all about the hair!”


They are all about the comfort mixed with acceptable polish. It seems that they found this equilibrium between “I don’t care, I have bigger things to worry about and maybe I will meet someone today”.

“French women know that second-day hair is the best kind of hair.” Source

4. Make-up is nonexistent.

French women keep it to a minimum because they consider uncovered and bare looking skin beautiful. In fact, they prefer to invest in their skin a lot more than the average American woman.

Their go-to make-up is a red stain or lipstick, mascara for the eyes and maybe some blush. That is it. Keep it simple! Because simple is effortless and Parisian chic is all about effortless.

The Blonde Salad describes her like this:

the most important thing is the attitude …, but also perfectly messy hair, super light makeup, the right perfume, white man’s shirts, slightly oversize cashmere sweaters…”


5. Parisian chic is an attitude.

Finally, it is not about appearances it is about authenticity that everyone craves and French-style delivers. Confidence in being comfortable in your own skin wins above all else.

“It’s the epitome of personal style, of the art of dressing like a real woman, one with a job, and a life, and things to do beyond go to an event to get her picture taken. And what’s more effortless—or chic—than that?” – Vogue 


Because nothing is sexier than a woman with original thoughts who is not afraid to express it. An independent thinker who is busy and effective at it. After all, feminism did first appear in France. Source

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When we spent one month of August in Paris it showed and made me appreciate not only the architecture and the popular sights but the people who make it happen every day. In particular women. The longer we spent walking around the more evident the contrast was between locals and tourists. Understanding how they think and make decisions made me love French culture and feel like a local even if my French is very basic.

Did you like the post? What is your take away on the Parisian chic? Add your thoughts, suggestions, and tips right below!




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