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As you probably know, we are in Kazakhstan right now. We came here through New York in order to eliminate otherwise long and not particularly comfortable flight. We stayed in this never stopping city for four days and loved every single moment in it. Needless to say that we were overwhelmed with the city’s grandiosity and rhythm. New York does not sleep, does not compromise and does not stop.

Below you will see our detailed sightseeing/tips/suggestions and plan with some pictures. Here we go!

Day one:

1.   Prospect park walk, which is one of the biggest parks in New York City. It is also conveniently close to Big Bus Tour stop.

2.   Manhattan tour via Big Bus tour: Uptown and Midtown. We bought a 2-day ticket which allowed for flexibility and peace of mind. Turns out New York is a huge city and to cover it by foot would be long and tiresome  journey.

3.   SoHo walk. We happened to pass by the area by mistake but loved it nonetheless.

Day 2:

1.   Empire state building. Absolutely recommend taking audio guide that is included in the price of a ticket. Tour was excellent and mind blowing.

2.   Brooklyn Tour – might as well since it is included in the 2-day pass.

3.   The Met tour. Pay attention to “Suggested price” notice. That only means that you do not have to pay $27 each and can offer your price instead. We paid $20 for both but I heard someone offered $5. The museum is insane in its size and collections so come for the whole day.

4.    Night Tour using Big Bus tour

Day 3:

1.   Highline Park. If you are interested in good ideas for recycling this park is a good destination and inspiration. Building a park out of train tracks and delivering much needed greenery to the area is awesome.

2.   Walk to new trade center

3.   Liberty Island and statue of Liberty. Again, take an audio tour and listen to it somewhere on the bench under a tree shadow. I developed a new understanding for symbolism and traditions as they were back then.

4.    Umami burger. This restaurant has several hot spots in town. It is absolutely worth the trip and the price. Anything on the menu is delicious.

5.    Ground “0” memorial. Cannot help but feel sad seeing just how many lives taken for no purpose at all.

Day 4:

1.    Brighton Beach and Coney Island. Nice beach but ghetto neighborhood.

2.    Rockefeller Center. You can go and enjoy beautiful Art Deco style architecture and paintings from the inside of most of the buildings.

3.    Don Antonio pizza restaurant. Not far from Time Square, that was an Italian place with awesome Burrata (mozzarella di bufala) and pizza.

New York inspired me so much I would really like to come back and live there a little. Moreover I have at least three new topics to write about it and its people.

Stay tuned!

Did you like my post? Feel free to post your comments about New York down below!


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