If you are planning your vacation or stay in Los Angeles, I envy you. You are about to be amazed at everything this city has to offer! And there is so much. This post is an introductory guide, or Part 1, to the city, I would move into in a heartbeat.Los Angeles 1


I do not know who said that, but it sure feels like heaven here, in the city of Los Angeles. There are many reasons why I love it. One of which is free sunshine year round! Another reason is the ocean and its beaches. If I could associate it with three words, I would go mad trying.

There are so many advantages to this amazing, vast, free, fresh, and sunny city that I would need to cover its awesomeness in several posts. 😉

Read my complete guide to Los Angeles neighborhoods here.

Los Angeles 2

When it comes to Los Angeles, for me, it was “fourth time is a charm.” Previously, I have been to L. A. three times, and it is on the 4th one when I truly saw what everyone was/is so crazy about. Whether it is nature, food, and fresh farm strawberries, countless hiking opportunities, shopping, and yes, celebrity spotting, Los Angeles has the greatest and cleanest beaches I have ever seen.

The very first love of my life, when it comes to cities, is this one.

Los Angeles

Stretching for miles from Santa Monica to Marina Beach it has many other locations and activities to offer. Unfortunately, traffic doesn’t help but if you are willing to look past that this city will actually open up to you like a tough but a juicy oyster.

Los Angeles

Loving Los Angeles can be costly. The rent, the car, the food, the list can go on and on. This is why you are going to love these free tips. In this post, you are bound to save some of that hard-earned green. I am going to cover the good stuff that has plenty of good photography options, maybe some whale and celebrity spotting, and of course, free stuff.

I like to stretch that dollar as much as possible.


Chances are, if you are coming to Los Angeles, you are going to rent a car. Why wouldn’t you? In the USA it is the first thing that you should do, except maybe for New York. So yeah, for all those activities a car is a must. Did I mention that all these free events are family friendly? So paying for a quick and easy ride is an investment into that piece of mind.

Los Angeles


  1. Go to the Malibu and Manhattan beach through the canyons and stroll next to the houses of the rich and fabulous on the sand. Be cautious though.

In Malibu, you have to stay away at least 100 feet from them. Malibu owners would like to believe that beaches are theirs (and who wouldn’t agree with those prices) but they are not. All beaches are public property and therefore are open to anyone.Malibu beach, Los Angeles2. Go to the local farm and pick up some berries and fruit. They are amazing.Los Angeles Los Angeles3. Getty Center is a fabulous place to walk, have a picnic (you can bring your food and drink, no alcohol), take fantastic views, appreciate art and be amazed at its stunning architecture. Parking is 15$ for the whole day, and entrance is free.
Getty Center garden, Los AngelesGetty Center Garden, Los Angeles4. Participate in an open studio recording! That way you get to see some real celebrities and laugh at celebrity “wannabes.” Any major studio has this program. It is free, and they even give away free stuff during the show. Mr. K and I went to the shoot of “2 Broke Girls# and Chelsea Lately. It was entertaining both times. Bare in mind to get signed up in advance and not when you come as those free places get filled up fast. Parking is usually free as well.

5Food trucks are your prime target for both taste buds exhaustion and whimsy. Did you know that you can get a free ride to Catalina Island on your birthday? You are welcome.Hiking in Los AngelesLos Angeles6. Hike! OMG go for a hike at Runyon Canyon you will thank me later. There are many more hikes that offer spectacular views and are free. This is also the place to see celebrities.

Do not forget to not to step on a rattlesnake or run away from a mountain lion as there are some. We saw a snake on one of our hikes once. So wear closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, a hat and bring some water.

Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles7Science museum. It is huge, free, and impressive for anyone who is interested in anything from biology, physics, astronomy, to art, and anthropology. The premises also have one of the most beautiful rose gardens. Both are to die for and as I said before and are free.Los Angeles downtown Los Angeles


Visit a stand-up or a good theater play. An improv is a good option. This one will require some money. Check out my previous post to see more sites. It is also a good idea to see ratings that show usually have on their websites or read reviews from Google. Some tickets are so cheap that you almost feel sorry for not paying more.
Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles


When buying groceries go to Ralph’s, apply for their card and enjoy your receipt “melting” when a cashier scans the card. If you do not want to use for one, then ask her to swipe her card. Most do. Our grocery bill has always been at least 10 dollars less from the original price. Enjoy the savings!

Hope you found something new to do! Let me know if there are any questions! Enjoy, you are in Los Angeles!

Have any free tips yourself? Feel free to share! 🙂


Always improving one's surroundings.


    • Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for stopping by! You must go! Remember to bring a sweater as the chill gets to you eventually. Happy traveling!

  1. Had no idea you can freely participate in an open studio recording! Now I know what’s the first thing I’ll do when I visit LA for the first time Btw, how about renting a bike instead of a car? Would that be doable and/or recommended?

    • Hi Dea!

      Thank you for stopping by. If you want to get to the studio for that recording you have to have a car. Unfortunately, public or personal transport is not something one can rely on. If you live in a place like Santa Monica or Venice then maybe (and it is a very stretched out maaayyybeee) you can survive without one. But as soon as you will want to venture outside of those neighborhoods you will have to have a car. Read my Los Angeles neighborhood guide here to see if you need one. Happy traveling!

  2. Great suggestions! The strawberries look so juicy and sweet:) I think picking fruit from a local farm would be my favourite affordable activity! And rich-people-watching haha:P

    • Hey Karolina,

      You are welcome and my pleasure. It only took me four visits to really see it. Los Angeles was fun and is fun every time I come here. I just can’t get enough of it. Thank you for stopping by. Happy traveling!

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