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See Melbourne on a budget!
Melbourne photo

Here is a view of the Federation Square in Melbourne. Since the very first day Australia hit us with its local and not so friendly prices. This is when I was on a mission to find the best deals to see the city on a budget. At that point a tour bus that was absolutely free was a huge budget-friendly find. It took us all around central business district or CBD, around some pretty spectacular neighborhoods, Docklands and their famous market.

Melbourne photo

On the bus you can hear informative and entertaining stories of the place that you are driving by. If you are on the budget, it is a very convenient way for sight seeing and for getting around the city. There is also a free tram but it doesn’t cover much and it is always crowded when we needed it.


Another amazing way to get acquainted with it is by cycling everywhere or taking public transportation. Melbourne is not that big and wherever you need to go is not going to take you forever. Below you can see (with an effort) the CBD map.Melbourne photo
Melbourne Market Melbourne photo


Was that tip awesome or what? Please feel free to share your tips and tricks right below on how to see Melbourne and the rest of Australia for free.



Always improving one's surroundings.

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