Many believe that Toronto is a place where people live to work. Certainly, it is a city oriented towards business, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to see or do. Whether it is multi-national culture, various music concerts, movie and food festivals as well as different theater productions, art exhibitions, and fashion shows, it will surprise you.toronto downtown

Many exciting and unique activities are at your service if you are in town for only two or two hundred days. Whether it is hiking and nature viewing, food, shopping and fashion, arts, or many culturally rich neighborhoods to walk around it gets bigger and better in Toronto.

More than 280 languages are spoken in Toronto and GTA area.

Throughout the whole year, there are things to do for couples, singles, and families. Summer is particularly important for events since there are only three months of fair weather.


Try Wonderland for both rides and water-park. Weekdays are usually better than weekends. You can bring your food. And do not forget to start the day early to enjoy most rides.

The Toronto ZOO will leave you talking many years after your visit. I love it. And for the very adventurous visitors, there is an African Lion Safari. This place is full of lions, rhinoceros, buffalos, elks, ostriches, baboons, and other animals that run free while you are in your car passing by. Besides the park, there is an informative elephant, and bird shows that are not to be missed.

toronto harbour

My favorite spot

And my most favorite place of all is Toronto Island Beach. Situated a bit off Downtown Toronto this beach is a perfect getaway from whatever you are trying to escape.

To get there would be possible either by ferry or sailboat. And when you do you, you will be transferred to a fairy land. It is full of greenery and fountains for children as well as a park zone.

Bring a blanket, food, and drinks. Rent a bike and if you feel especially adventurous go to the nudist beach. Yes, it has that as well. I personally never went but heard about it. 🙂

Relaxing and fantastic, this little oasis is eight minutes away from the city, and it is spectacular. It is the place where stress turns off, and relaxation mode switches on.

toronto island view

Another beautiful spot to see and take lots of pictures at is Scarborough Bluffs. It is a unique earth formation that features a park and a waterfront zone. Is it especially beautiful during fall when the leaves change color, and the soil seems to change color with them?

Must see neighborhoods

One of the ways to discover Toronto is to go into its many neighborhoods. Portugal Village, China Town and Kensington market as well as Yorkville village are one of my favorite spots.


Remember to wear comfortable shoes because you are going to walk a lot.

China Town is especially fantastic if you want to sample different fruits and veggies. Bring cash and don’t limit yourself to just fruits. Noodle shops are a plenty, and local bakery shops are excellent.

Lawrence market has been the tourist attraction for forever. It was demolished to be rebuilt. However, there is a temporary market that has been installed in its place.

The market offers a gourmet and local flavors from many different cultures. It is also expensive. On Sundays, right across the street, there is a flea market that is open till Happy treasure hunting!


For more information, please go here.

Another favorite spot to walk through and enjoy people watching is Queen Street West. It is full of vintage, local, and luxury consignment shops and quirky cafes. It is one of the must-sees in Toronto for sure.


Travel tip:

I recently took a Hop On/Off bus to see and cover the city in most detail. Besides having the best time and unique photo perspective, the tour was full of interesting facts that brought me to my town closer and made me understand it better. I highly recommend it.

If you are on the budget than the city tram is your best friend. Any tram going from West to East is going to give you a beautiful view of the city at a lower cost. ($3.20) Please carry an exact change or buy a rechargeable card as soon as you get a chance.

Want to know where to shop and eat on the budget delicious food in Toronto? Stay tuned for the next Wednesday post where I am going to give you a local’s insight into shopping and authentic souvenirs.

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