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A view on this busy city from the top of CN Tower
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Many believe that Toronto is a place where people live to work.  Certainly it is a city oriented towards business but it doesn’t mean that there is no multi-national culture, various music concerts, movie and food festivals as well as different theater productions, art exhibitions, and fashion shows.

There are many interesting and knowledgeable things you can pick up if you are in town for only two or two hundred days. Whether it is business or real-estate, food, shopping and fashion, arts and interesting neighborhoods to walk around it is all bigger and better in Toronto.

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Downtown and Niagara on the lake
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Toronto harbor, Portugal festival, Lakeshore

Throughout the whole year there are things to do for couples, singles, and families. Summer is particularly important for events since there are only three months of adequate weather.  Try Wonderland for both rides and water-park. The Toronto ZOO will leave you talking many years after your visit. And for the very adventurous visitors there is an African Lion Safari. This place is full of lions, rhinoceros, buffalos, elks, ostriches, baboons, and other animals that run free while you are in your car passing by. Besides, the park there are very informative elephant and bird shows that are not to be missed. But above all there is an undetected interesting phenomenon that is extremely peculiar to Canada’s climate -it is Toronto Island Beach. Situated a bit off Downtown Toronto this beach is a perfect getaway from whatever you are escaping from. To get there would be possible either by ferry or sail boat. And when you do you will be transferred to a wonderful, fresh with greenery and fountains for children, park zone. Absolutely relaxing and fantastic, this little oasis is right next to the city and it is spectacular. Recommended for any age, wage, or occupation it is the place where stress goes to die.

The best view of Toronto
The best view of Toronto

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