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A good movie is like a drug. It consumes my attention whole and makes me obsess and think about things, facts, and stories that I saw. Welcome to my movies list inspiration!

What inspires YOU to travel?

Lately, we have been busy moving, reducing clutter, celebrating birthdays, preparing for family reunions, and setting new goals for the future to come. I have good news: we are traveling again! Our new destination is New York. Due to our upcoming trip то the Big Apple, I have been thinking about what inspires me about future destinations. I love movies and I like learning through them so it is natural for me to start my research by watching a new story. I decided to come up with a movie list that triggered an interest, sparked an enthusiasm, and inspired me to learn more about new countries and cities that I have never seen before.

Who does not like a good story and a eye candy backdrop in them?

Los Angeles travel, Friends set Los Angeles travel tips

Here is my movie and cartoon list that inspired me to seek more and go beyond Tripadvisor suggestions. Thanks to them, I saw the behind the scenes of many different cultures, cities that allow specific freedoms, countries that want you to travel longer or shorter, forests with vending machines, oceans with pink dolphins, islands with monkeys, and mountains that are solid rocks.

I would suggest watching them regardless of whether you are a traveler or not. They are so good you are bound to learn something new and be entertained.


1.       Before Sunset

2.       Midnight in Paris 

3.       Amelie


4.       Roman Holiday

Rome photo

New York:

5.       Sex and the city episodes

6.       Mad Men

7.       Wall street 

8.       Home alone two 

9.       Friends

10.   The Devil wears Prada

New York photoMexico:

11.   Apocalypto by Mel Gibson


12.   Jiro Dreams of sushi

13.  Lost in Translation

14.   Spirited away

15.   Howl’s moving Castle

16.   My Neighbor Totoro

17.   Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

18.   Ponyo

19.   The Wind rises

Any Third World or underdeveloped country:

20.   Indiana Jones (1981-84-89)for going into the woods with snakes and spiders in all the Third World countries. 


21.   Tracks

Australia adventureNew Zealand:

22.   The Lord of the rings trilogy


Los Angeles:

23.   Californication first two seasons

Los Angeles photo


24.   Dexter 

Miami travel tips


25.   3-iron



26.   Bangkok Hilton

27.  The Hangover Part II

Thailand photo

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay:

28.  The Motorcycle Diaries

Brazil Foz do Iguacu

I have recently started a new Pin board with movies that I watched and loved. Believe it or not but there are lots of alternatives to Hollywood actions, adventures, comedies, and dramas. You can find it here.


Did you like my post? What movies inspired you to discover new places, try new stuff, and travel? Share them down below!


Always improving one's surroundings.

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