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Los Angeles 1

I do not know who said that but it sure feels likes heaven here, in the city of Los Angeles. There are many reasons why I love this city. One of which is free sunshine year round! Another reason is the ocean and its beaches. If I could associate it with three words, I would go mad trying. There are so many advantages to this amazing, vast, free, fresh, and sunny city that I would need to cover its awesomeness in several posts. 😉 So stay tuned for more juicy details!

Los Angeles 2

Time to remember the good times in my second favorite city and destination, which is Los Angeles, California. The very first love of my life, when it comes to cities, is this one. When it comes to Los Angeles, for me it was “fourth time is a charm”. Previously, I have been to L. A. three times and it is on the 4th one when I truly saw what everyone was/is so crazy about. Whether it is nature, food, and farm fresh strawberries, countless hiking opportunities, and yes, celebrity spotting, L. A. has the greatest and cleanest beachES I have ever seen.

Los Angeles 3

Stretching for miles from Santa Monica to Marina Beach it has many other locations and activities to offer. Unfortunately, traffic doesn’t help but if you are willing to look past that this city will truly open up to you like a tough but a really juicy oyster. 🙂 Los Angeles 4

In the next post I am going to post some activity tips so stay tuned!


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