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Special thanks to my sister in law that practically forced made us visit the famous waterfall(s). I am so glad we listened!

It was Foz do Iguacu waterfall(s) where our Brazilian journey began. We stayed at a lovely guesthouse that had an insanely good and exceptionally tasty breakfast. To this day, avocado smoothie is my favorite drink. The owner, Marika, introduced us to a safe driver who took us to the falls from both sides and drove us everywhere around the area.


Iguacu Falls are a wonder of the world. See for yourselves (though you really should have been there yourself). Huge, powerful, and overwhelming in its massiveness, it is hard to forget about it once you see it. These are no ordinary falls and place. They are breathtaking.

There are two tours of the falls, one from Argentinian side and the other from Brazilian side. We did both as the falls look beautiful from both sides.


There is also an added bonus of a bird park and sanctuary on Brazilian side. Never have I seen an amount of birds of paradise quite like this. Every color, shape, and type, I think, was shown there. The park was very well landscaped as well offering many picture opportunities. I was busy taking in the sights as opposed to photographing.

Overall, it was safe, fun, and exceptionally beautiful.

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If you can find it on Tripadvisor then I absolutely recommend Marika’s guesthouse. Sadly, I do not have any pictures from there.


  • Always negotiate driving prices to and from before,
  • Make sure you have cash to pay for the tickets as a lot of credit cards are rejected or simply blocked by their respective banks,
  • Wear comfortable shoes,
  • Do not spray yourself with mosquito repellent and then run after butterflies in the butterfly tent. It is not that they do not like you, it is because they do not like mosquito repellent.


  • Wear comfortable and non-white clothes. Its tropics so prepare accordingly.
  • Rain jacket is a good option to have with you. If you forgot yours, they will have some for sale at the entrance.


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Stay tuned and see you soon!


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