When it comes to office design, functionality and practicality is often the name of the game, with aesthetics lower in the priority list. Or, at least, that’s how things were for a long time.

The functionality will always retain its spot at the top of the list. However, business owners now understand that corporate spaces needn’t have their use divided from their aesthetic design. The two are not mutually exclusive in all areas of application.office space

So, finding good ideas for a good office design can be tough. It may even be quite troubling to come to that conclusion in a time-honored manner. Thankfully, it is more than possible to achieve this if you know how to commit to your best design ideas.

As far as that’s concerned, some creative thinking is required. If you can approximate some of the fundamental design aspects of any office well, you can then move on towards more expressive considerations. Let us explore some essential examples below:


Using Gescan Lighting Solutions can help you collaborate with designers that have fully integrated capabilities for working with your architects and construction professionals, helping you achieve lighting solutions that keep the office space open, inviting, and safe.

Do not underestimate how impactful worthwhile lighting setups can be, and the positive effect it will have on staff members who spend most of their day inside the office space. If you can achieve that most vital of goals, you’ll have the best framework developed before you even start decorating.

Exterior Design

Worthwhile exterior design can also be a fantastic means of revivifying how your office looks from the outside.

While that seems like a shallow functionality, you’d be surprised how having your office stand loud and proud,  can help you and your staff feel pride in this location. You may use facing bricks for a particular design, or cladding to help hang your metal, designed signs.

Whatever you choose, consider how this translates to the greenery or exterior property. Even if this is just path bollards that add a seamless quality towards the parking lot would be a smart design investment.

Visual Motifs

Visual motifs can also help an office stand out. A brilliant artist-led mural in your office that is describing your mission statement. Designing your desks and cubicles with the color trim of your brand is an excellent choice to stand out from the competition. Visual motifs can help any business look gorgeous, open, receptive, and identifying.

Much like wearing uniforms, this can help staff feel a sense of kinship and belonging to your brand. It will not only help you boast about a beautifully designed aesthetic but also help those under you feel more satisfied in their place of work.

Office spaces can be tricky. Make sure to integrate there three easy steps and you will be on a way to a productive future.

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