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Let’s celebrate St Valentine’s how it should be celebrated!

This post is about how to enjoy St Valentine’s day without society breathing down your neck.

Here is a simple fact of life: once you are in love with someone there is more than one day a year that you want to make this person happy. So glorifying one particular day of all lovers seems stupid unnecessary.

It is not a popularity contest.

It is also not a true indication of someone really loving you. Nowadays, it is all about who got what for St Valentine’s. For whatever reason people are encouraged to show off what they got as a present. I think if there are any intimacy rules, this one is a no no.

Love – “Lust is the desire for their body; love is the desire for their soul.”

In my humble and honest opinion the less commercial and more personalized a gift is the more I realize that the person really gets me and not the industry. So who cares if you got snickers chocolate bar and gummy bears for st valentine’s? It is my favorite and I would not trade it for the world.

Romantic – “Thinking about love and doing and saying things to show that you love someone.”

Over the years with Mr K we came to realize not to fall into the trap of forced intimacy and never ending hearts everywhere. Love is a subjective and a very personal experience for every and any couple so go ahead and celebrate it like YOU want to!

What do you give your significant other for a Valentine’s day that is not bad for teeth or becomes a one day expensive splurge? Isn’t there something besides jewelry, sexy and uncomfortable lingerie, and chocolates? Yes there is!

Below are activities and present ideas that you can do and buy without spending too much time and money.

Side note: It gets even more romantic if you don’t celebrate it on that day, February 14th. You score double intimacy and wallet points for skipping the lines, reservations, and 20% -40% in increased prices!

1. Pajamas (the real ones).

Not the- sexy- once- a- year- occasional- crap that is sold specifically at gnormous prices and are generally quite uncomfortable. It also doesn’t have to be your grandma’s style ones. There are plenty of healthy, cute, and affordable choices at Joe Fresh, Gap, H&M and Zara home.

St Valentine's gift idea


2. Cook dinner or do tapas.

Cook together. Cooking or doing anything together can be a good bonding time. You get to catch up in a relaxing atmosphere on postponed subjects about you two. Plan something ahead and generally reflect helps to establish that bond that no restaurant can provide.

3. Go to the park together and have a picnic.

Food is a good source for fun. Combine it with nature and you get one of the best relaxing times ever. The best part is when you surprise your significant other with a surprise basket of her/his favorite munchies.

4. Just in general spend time together.


St Valentine's gift idea


I will leave it to your interpretation. Why I do not think going to the restaurant or a play or even a movie is a good idea? It takes intimacy out of the equation. When you participate in each others thoughts that is when it counts and builds understanding between the partners.

5. Create a mini hotel fridge version.

And pig out on stuff. Play a game . If it is a sex game even better.

St Valentine's gift idea


6. Have a hot bath together.

If you are pressed for time, if it has been hectic the whole day, or you knew you were going to be busy, then a favorite takeout and a hot bath together is a very cozy treat. Have you ever tried to feed each other with chopsticks? In a bathtub? When naked? 😉

7. Get Away.

It doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done for a day trip or even half a day trip. Local park, ski trip, or just going for a walk and talking or being silent is a good way to connect to another person.

Don’t forget to hold hands. There is nothing cuter than an old, young, or a couple with children holding hands.

Suddenly I feel fuzzy inside.

I think St Valentine’s should be a time for two people to truly enjoy each other without outside noise and distractions. So make sure to turn off and tune out. After all it is a day dedicated to love and your significant other as well as yourself.

People often forget gifts and the things you said but they will always remember how you made them feel. So act and plan accordingly.

So far the best gift I have received, besides a proposal in Paris, was Mc Donalds French fries dipped in a strawberry milkshake. Yes baby! (the cherry on top was also when Mr K was telling me that I looked beautiful while eating it. 🙂

If you are single you can do all those things by yourself or with any one of your single friends. Well maybe not everything: see points 6 and 5. I will have a special post for you soon. Stay tuned!

Do you have a unique way of celebrating St Valentine’s? Do you like it at all? Share your thoughts right below. Would love to hear some!

ST Valentine


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