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Have you ever tried to open oysters? I did. Unless someone does it for you, the reward is nothing comparing to the energy spent opening the shell. Besides being drained there is also a high risk of accidental scratching, cutting, and losing your cool.

I think there is a reason restaurants charge so much for oysters: it takes a considerable man power and time to open them. (Besides the fact that getting oysters is a dangerous business.)

Just like with almost anything that is worth it, it was an accident. I love oysters so when we were traveling in Taiwan famous night market; nine oysters for less than 3$ USD or 100$TWD. I just had to jump on the opportunity.

To those who are not familiar with shellfish, oysters are not mussels. It is a different breed of mussels. To learn more about shellfish go here.

Anyways, when I was standing in line to get them, I noticed how they open them. To be exact, the cook behind the counter almost did not open them. The shells were popping open themselves!


Put them on the grill, skillet, or anything hot.


In the pictures, you see that the cook puts selected shells on the grill for a minute or so rotating it every 30 sec. For this price, I was prepared to eat them cooked nonetheless. After all, three dollars for nine oysters were a steal. However, to my surprise, the heat did not cook them.

Are you going to Taiwan? You just have to take a look at this article here.

It helps to open the shell and to disarm the mollusk. Because of the heat, it opens up and loses its grip that makes it easier to penetrate with a knife and open it keeping your manicure safe and spirits uplifted. 😉

The result? Huff and puff free oyster fest! The taste? The shells were warm, but the mollusk inside was not cooked. The liquid that it releases is still there, but in much less proportion, it does not swim in it.


If you are in Taiwan, I strongly suggest going to a night market. Any city in Taiwan is full of them. It is as much of a cultural experience as it is a gastronomical one. Anything you thought you knew about Taiwan is not enough until you see it with your own eyes and taste their stinky tofu.

To this day, compared to Japan, South Korea, or Thailand, Taiwan has the first place in street food in my books. The variety, quality, and prices are that good.

An Australian steak for 7$ USD? Yes, please! A grilled squid for 2$? OMG! Pancakes, pork puffs, and numerous soup and stalls will not leave you disappointed.

Taiwan food market Taiwan food market

Taiwan food market

Want to read my horror story? Open at your own risk here!

Save your friends and fellow oyster lovers from ridiculous time waste and energy that it takes to open oysters!  Make sure to tell your friends about it!  Let me know in the comments down below when your next oyster party is?


Always improving one's surroundings.

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