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Let the travel season begin with shopping for myself!


Because why not right?

After researching posts on the perfect gift ideas for this travel season I came to a following conclusion. Either a person does know what he/she is talking about or does not.

I didn’t want to compile yet another list for the sake of it. It had to be affordable and easy-breezy for people who like hustle free packing, charging, and traveling experience. But when I started making one more another version of it the issue was clear: how can I recommend something if I either never bought and used it?

I knew stuff in theory but why would I talk about it if I never came across it?

So the next best thing was to shop the list myself. And so I did! I think I secretly like shopping.


I have spent in total of $150USD for preparation for the next 6 months of traveling South East Asia. If you break it down it comes to not even 30$ a month. If it really simplifies one’s travel life then why not?

Most of the items are under 50$!

What did I buy? Some of the stuff I wanted a long time ago and some came clear to me upon my research.

Here is what I bought for myself and Mr K this travel season.

holiday gifts

This is not a sponsored post. However, it does contain some affiliate links. In that case if you click a link and buy something I might be compensated at no cost to you. Everybody wins!

Let’s start this season with the actual stuff that you will use!

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I bought two different sets of packing cubes. Why two? They came in different colors and shapes. One set was rectangular and another is square. I want to see how useful they are depending on the shape. I find different colors also make an awesome his/hers packing rutine easy or easier.

Cost: 25$ each.

Clear make up and toiletries organizer. Handy for both men and women. It saves seconds to find what you are looking for and the peace of mind it provides is just priceless. I could go with just Ziplocks but they last only so much and not as convenient when it comes to retaining their shape. I need them to be able to stand on their own!

Cost: 15.23$

Good quality, light, durable, and convenient backpack which would be perfect for hiking. I am so looking forward to this bad boy!

Cost: 17.82$

Socks are always a good idea but phone, laptop, and Ipad charger all in one is better! It folds into a mini pouch and fits anywhere. I haven’t got it yet but I am already in love!

Cost: 11.99$

Lighter wallet that doesn’t permit anautharized credit card scanning. I needed to replace my bulky wallet with something swift and durable and after reading many reviews I must say I am really looking forward to it! It was the highest priced items but I hope it is worth it.



Performance wear. Not wall clothes are made equal especially when it comes to trekking in Australia, running in the jungle in Costa Rica, walking on the streets of Bangkok, or climbing a volcano in Bali. Dedicated activity clothes is so much more than regular garments. It is more durable and comfortable not to mention stylish. Lululemon is my go to fort any occasion and opportunity. I Love it and can’t get enough of it! Mr. K and I recently indulged ourselves in shorts and a t-shirt for him and many things 🙂 for me and we coudn’t be happier. If only they did baby clothes!

With these items, it was something I bought over the course of the summer. Please check their website for prices:

Cost: 58$ and up!


Swiss army knife tool. It doesn’t even come to you at first but an all in one knife tool is everything when you travel, rent apartments, get stranded in a forest, desert, etc. I have it already and I am taking it with me again because it proved to be useful on numerous occasions. The wine opener is especially awesome!

Cost: $37.99

Hope you enjoyed the post! What are the best travel accessories you think I missed? Do you have any tips? Share them right below! Hit that “like” button and don’t forget to SHARE.


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