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Why accumulating stuff sucks.

You know how a new car loses 25% of its price once off a dealership? Well, it applies to clothing and accessories and other “commodities”. Only it is not 25%, it is closer to 50%-75% of the original price. As of recently I would have to re-evaluate my current and future purchases.

As it turns out, on a grand scale of things there is no investment and there is no difference where I bought that purse, jeans, jewelry, and/or whatever else.

People will never have my emotional attachment for my things and it is understandable.

For them it is just an object with no story and no emotions behind it. For me: I remember the very first time I wore or used it. I have a story for every pieces I am trying to dispose of right now. That is why it becomes so hard. Seeing some of my prized possessions disappear on Saturday was a wake up call.

I thought that most of my stuff is what I carried around with me plus a little bit at my in-laws. Boy, was I wrong. There they were: seven big boxes of clothes I got from the life before I even met Mr. K, full six feet closet with winter stuff, ski equipment, my interior design portfolio, and little chachkies that no one knew existed. Moreover, the latter seemed to have a “family reunion” place everywhere in the house.

garage sale

When time came for a clean up I found myself not wanting to let go. I am not perfect but I never thought of myself as a hoarder. I used to believe that what I buy is going to be an investment for the future. That the prized object will make me better or that it will make others treat or see me differently. When I began to change climates, countries, and cultures several times per year, my priorities also changed. After a while there is just no point. No one cares and no one will see what you want them to see. All they have is 30 fist seconds to make an impression of myself and go on with their lives. I realized I have no one to impress but myself.

Travel does help to separate useful and comfortable from pretty and blistering I am only going to use once. To my surprise, this clean up made me realize that I have a lot of room for improvement. My motto for this clean up operation was not only “If I haven’t used it in 6 months I don’t need it”, but also: “I must use it every day”. Right away 80% of things I have became irrelevant. Horrible but it is true. I am very thankful that we live and travel in 21st century where there is a will and a way to downsize with some gain.

The overall achievement from the sale: $308.45. I just got a little bit closer to the my goal: new Samsung Galaxy S5 that I am going to use everyday. 🙂

By the way, almost all tips and tricks about how to throw a garage sale that I suggested before worked and prepared me for the day really well. I was very happy I read the info before and had time to plan it out.

Edited: I also sold some of my gold jewelry that I was not wearing. The total gain estimated over 2000$ that I have spent both on the phone and vacation in Miami.:) Not bad for things laying around!

Buy memories, not things!


Always improving one's surroundings.


  1. Yes, I did. I got my new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I Love It! It is especially dear to me because I know how many things that I did not need became one truly useful, carry everywhere, use everyday object. 🙂

  2. LF Khadiyev Reply

    Did you get your new phone, and if you did, do you like it?

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