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We have recently visited Jomtien Beach Pattaya, Thailand where, to our surprise, we found equal ratio of Thai and Russian people. Turns out Jomtien Beach is a Russian mecca. When we were reading about Pattaya, we found all kinds of information and articles that cautioned future visitors about this place. Never have I once saw that it was popular among Russians. I have nothing against Russian tourists I just did not expect to find Jomtien Beach to be so adapt to Russian culture.

5 reasons for Russian heaven in Pattaya:

  1. There is more Thai people who speak Russian than English.
  2. Tours offered and catered by Russians to Russians.
  3. Everything around you is in Russian: music (for whatever reason from the 80s-90s), menus, shops, pharmacies, newspapers, and advertisement.
  4. There is more Russian, Uzbek, Armenian and Ukrainian foods than there is Thai food. Mr.K and I had to look for the native food. Moreover, when I asked a Russian host about Pad Thai she had no idea what it was.
  5.  There are 100 000 Russians living in Thailand. Out of 100 000, 60 000 live in Pattaya. Therefore, every 17th person would be Russian. It does not seem like much at first but Russian people are social souls and they tend to stick together and build communities wherever they are. Currently there are 8 churches in Pattaya and several schools that are specifically catered to Russians. 1

By the way, Jomtien Beach proved to be a safe family friendly place. After reading a couple of horror stories about Pattaya we were kind of skeptical and tense. It was fine. Nevertheless, do exercise caution and be smart about your surroundings. Treat local people with respect and you will be respected in return.



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