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In the previous post I have described my experience when living in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately it was our first country and we made many mistakes by not doing the research properly and not seeing a lot of things. Luckily, I have a friend who has been there many times and about to come back and live there for a year. From the best places to see, eat, and what to avoid read her insider tips below. Meet Esther!

 How would you describe Argentina in a couple of sentences?

– It’s a very unique country in South America, full of European flavor. It’s also a very big country, I think each region has it’s particular characteristics but I spent most of my time in Buenos Aires.


  Buenos Aires architecture Buenos Aires architecture
What is your experience with Buenos Aires?

– Buenos Aires is a beautiful, sexy, stylish, vibrant city. The nightlife is unequaled. It is the beating heart of tango (for those who are interested) but also many other dances and activities. I love to roam the streets late at night especially in Recoleta, the architecture is breathtaking. It’s one of the best cities I’ve lived in for the Art of the Far niente. It’s full of lovely terraces, café’s and gardens with delicious foods, wines, and music at any time of the day.

Buenos Aires architecture Buenos Aires architecture

How many times have you been there and for how long?

– I’ve been to Buenos Aires 4 times so far. I spent 6 months studying/dancing tango, I finished my translation degree there also. Then I went back for a couple of months every winter. Now that I’m married to an Argentine, it has officially become my second home.

Buenos Aires architecture Buenos Aires architecture
What are your 5 myths about Buenos Aires Argentina?
  1. Argentina has the best meat in the world – true. It just is.
  2. Everybody in Argentina knows how to dance tango – false, unfortunately.
  3. Argentina has amazing leather goods – true. BUT, you have to know where to go – Italy is better.
  4. Argentina is dangerous – Anywhere is dangerous if you’re not paying attention, especially  big cities.
  5. Argentines are arrogant – false. Porteños are (Buenos Aires locals are referred to as Porteños) but outside the city people are very humble and open. Porteños also have their charm, and the attitude is part of it.

Buenos Aires architecture Buenos Aires architecture

Buenos Aires architecture

What are your 5 tips about Buenos Aires?
  • If you go in summer, rent a place with a rooftop pool. It can be as hot as 50 degrees, it’ll change your life.
  • Public transportation is cheap, reliable and safe. As long as you’re not phased by jumping out of a moving bus (stops are optional). If you want a tour of the city from a local point of view, take the 29. It’s the “magic bus”, in 1.5 hour for 50 cents you’ll see the entire city and every historical building from San Telmo to Palermo.
  • Enjoy eating out, it is actually cheaper than cooking.
  • Be street smart, as I said it’s not more dangerous than any other south American city, but don’t walk around flaunting your iphone and diamonds. you will get mugged.
  • Don’t buy clothes there except for shoes, bags or other leather goods. I never had a shirt that lasted more than a month. But I have gorgeous leather boots and purses that I’m still wearing after 5 years.

Buenos Aires architecture

Buenos Aires architecture

What are your must go places in Buenos Aires that you come back to every time.
  • Bar du marché in Palermo Hollywood – it always makes me feel like I’m walking into a Woody Allen movie,
  • Open polo in Palermo (I’m not a big fan of polo per say but I do enjoy the free food/wine and a good after-party)
  • Sunday antique market in San Telmo for amazing vintage jewellery, lamps etc.
  • Puerto Madero for ice-cream on a very hot day.
  • Comme il Faut for tango shoes, it’s shoe heaven for any woman, dancer or not.

Buenos Aires architecture

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