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To catch 7 +1 tips on of how to celebrate St. Valentine’s day or NOT  in a couple go here.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you are single during Valentine’s day, do not be alarmed, it doesn’t mean anything. No, I mean it, it really doesn’t.

Because if it did, statistics wouldn’t declare a 50/50 chance of either divorce or successful marriage. So, as I was saying, the fact that you do not have a bf/gf on the special commercial day doesn’t mean a thing.

Before I got married, I never felt lonely on St Valentine’s. Yes I wanted to be with someone but I also knew that my time will come sooner or later. And so I was chilling at some house party somewhere or cooking a meal for myself, watching a movie, or catching up on my sleep.

The most important thing is to recognize that you should be loved and celebrated by you first. Self love and self respect nurture and create a stress free environment for positive outlook on life.


And when you are truly positive only then you will meet a person who is going to see you the way you see yourself: sometimes lazy but always perfect.:)

Here are some ways to celebrate this Valentine’s day:

Celebrate it in style.

Dress up, clean your house, apartment, condo, rearrange a furniture, do your hair and nails or simply buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers. Flowers are expensive these days so once a year, it should be ok.

Love yourself first.

Reflect on what you have achieved and accomplished so far or where you want to go.

Plan ahead and have something to look forward to, like an awesome trip or a new resolution and steps of getting there. Sleep, eat, exercise, go for a walk. Enjoy being single, because, usually, it would happen for a very limited amount of time. Once you get married or in a couple there are going to be fewer and fewer moments to yourself.

Be yourself, don’t let anyone fit you into anything. Go out, stay in, wear only socks all day, who cares? You are celebrating YOU! Imagine its your birthday.:)

Set aside a budget and treat yourself.

Treating oneself doesn’t mean feeling sorry for yourself, that is why the budget. Spa day? Going to a road trip with girlfriends? Now this is fabulous!

Have a party…

with other couples/friends who have the same values as you or just don’t want to succumb to the one day craziness.

Pajamas are a thing, you now.

Want to spent it with a nice glass of wine and a book? Go ahead! Pajamas have never felt so appreciated in their life.:)


If you still feel kind of sad and unappreciated, help those who can’t help themselves. There is nothing more meaningful and rewarding in life than doing something good for those who had very little of it to begin with.

Hope you liked this post! Share your single and fabulous tips on staying happy and feeling good while single during romantic holidays right below.

Would love to hear your tips!


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