Summer is almost here and with that, all the good stuff that is usually associated with it also comes! I am so excited to be back in Toronto and enjoy the heat that this city brings!

Here is my ultimate gift list for either the summer lover in you or someone you know who has a birthday during the hotter months of the year.

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An awesome picnic blanket

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying the weather. Grilling a juicy bbq, walking in various parks, hiking, all come to a stop at one point. What is the best way to enjoy your surrounding but to sit and relax on a comfy, big enough, and water resistant blanket?

CGear Sand-Free Mat is no ordinary blanket! It is incredibly easy to wipe sand right off and keep it clean. One can use it as a base for towels or beach furniture. Even if your pet keeps resupplying the sand over and over again it still does the job well. Happy lounging on the beach guys! By the way, size medium sells at 57$!

Check out my post about how to prepare and enjoy Ontario nature better!

 A quality thermos

One that can hold cold or hot temperatures comfortably!

Talk about refreshing yourself this season. I always find that a thermos smells like the last drink you put in there. To eliminate the odor either invest in a good one or try washing it with.

Get a free app

Summer is all about festivals, lots of walking and exploring so why not get an extra benefit from it all and know how much you actually walked?

I have an app for that tells me exactly how active I was during the day. Samsung health app was built into my phone so I didn’t have to find one.

For a more stylish and hands-free device, you can pick up this stylish looker. (a bracelet that calculates how much one walked and that doesn’t look like a restrainer)

A UV protectant shirt

A perfect summer shirt that is stylish enough and comfortable to move, hike, paddle, run, bbq or whatever else that you do when the sun is out. Another bonus is that it has a compression to it. So size up if you want a looser look.

LifeProof Frē Waterproof Cases

Because life happens. I have found this one for less than $50! It is WaterProof, DirtProof, SnowProof, DropProof. It has a built-in screen cover for touchscreen defense. For the weight freaks like me, it is thin, light, tough, and has a cool all-protective design. Complete access to all buttons, ports, and features is must and it has it. Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens which is a bonus and Slim, sleek profile follows iPhone 7’s precision lines.

And here is the one for Samsung users. 🙂

 A different kind of sunglasses

Squinting at the sun creates mini wrinkles around eyes which no girl want to have ever prematurely. We pay way too much money not to have them for as long as possible. So good and inexpensive polarized sunnies is a girl’s ultimate freedom from the aged face for years to come. I have found these Polarized & Floating Wayfarer Style Bamboo Wood Sunglasses from Sunga Life. They fit anyone because of the classic style and cost only $40! Need I say more?

 The perfect charger

Nekteck Solar Charger power from either the sun or a socket. It allows one the freedom to recharge a mobile phone or other the handheld devices anywhere and at any time. It can charge Samsung Galaxy Note 3 about 3-4 times one it has been fully charged.

What sold me on this device is a stylish design (that kinda looks like a badass-spy-movie gadget) and an accessibility. One can clip it on a pack back and charge it on the go.

Bonus feature is a built-in flashlight.:)

A backpack to fit it all

Duggal bags are nice but backpacks are better and have way more usage out of them. Pick a stylish one and never look back. I found this waterproof one at $10!

Another item that got me so excited for the summer in Canada is an inflatable paddle board. I must admit it is a bit of a splurge at $500+. However, the concept is amazing and I would love to try one out!

I found this one to have the best reviews.

There are tons and tons of awesome and very useful tools to make summer even more unforgettable. What are yours? Please leave a comment down below. Would love to hear what you resolve to every summer. Do you upgrade and update or just wing it with your old stuff?

Leave it in a comment down below!

Looking for the perfect gift for a summer traveler in your life? Check this list for some great ideas!


Always improving one's surroundings.


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