We are getting to the end of our journey in Australia. Part 9 is an “almost end” to our Australian journey. There is a final fun Part 10 waiting for you to be discovered next week. Let us not get ahead of ourselves though.
Collage 3After we were done with a non-stop hot adventure in central Australia, we decided to take it easy in Adelaide. All that exploration was taking its toll on us. As soon as we checked in the hotel, we had a bath. Not to be confused with shower, it was a real bath. A big white bathtub was one of the things we craved during six hot days in the middle of nowhere. Another guilty pleasure thought turned reality was an uninterrupted sleep on our perfect bed with white sheets in an air-conditioned room. It took us two full days to get back all lost sleep and wash red sand off our clothes. Some clothes were ruined which was good news to our suitcases.  🙂

“I tell you, water tastes sweeter and air seems crispier once you are out of the Australian desert.”

Nevertheless, we started missing it right away. Gone were the wild sweaty days, ahead was the Great Ocean Road and Tennis Open.Collage 4

We stayed in Adelaide for four days and then moved on to Port Campbell and Melbourne. The drive was very serene and fresh since it got some of the breeze from the ocean. There was still no “Hollywood movie coast” drive. We had to park at every viewpoint and take a stroll to see the Twelve Apostles. There are actually seven of them as the other five were destroyed by the water, wind, and time.

Get there before it is too late!

Collage 2

It was my first tennis open and as I am not a huge fan of any sport, I went there because of Mr. K. By the end of the tournament, I knew some lingo and understood how to calculate the points thanks to him. Enjoyed the dress up and people around me nonetheless. It was fun even if it was not my cup of tea.Collage5


Always improving one's surroundings.

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