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Wohoo! The Australian hot madness road trip continues! In this post, I am going to cover three cities that we visited right after Sydney. Those were Brisbane, Port Douglas, and Darwin. This is when it got hot; I mean super hot + humidity. Let me say this again, it was so hot I did not know what hot really is until I came to Darwin. Or so I thought. 😉Port Douglas Collage 2

 Darwin was a “hit in the face” with its humidity and temperature. Not all the Gatorade in the world could cool us down at this point.

If only I had the wisdom of wearing right clothing back then. My wardrobe at that point was a silk tunic dress and a cotton dress. They were the only ones that did not irritate me while out and about. I also had a hat that would protect my dark mane from the scorching sun. A hat is a must by the way, even it is ugly. I will let you know later why.

Previously I have mentioned that we were hoping to drive along the shoreline since there is a highway that goes along the continent. Unfortunately, my dreams of seeing the ocean Malibu– movie- style were only realized may be 3% out of the total time driving. The highway does seem close to the shore but it is not on the shore. Moreover, as a driver I was watching the road and those gigantic kangaroos corpses on the side of the road. Whoever hit them sure must have had a big car.

To get to Port Douglas, the northern point, we had to cover about 900-1000 km a day. I was relieved when we booked a plane to Darwin. After a while our necks, backs, and everything else was in pain.

Since Brisbane, Port Douglas, and Darwin are quite small cities, in my perception, we did both winged it and planned some activities. The most memorable ones were

Brisbane: Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane Collage

Port Douglas: Great Barrier Reef snorkeling,PicMonkey Collage

Darwin: Litchfield Park tour,Darwin Collage

It was also in Port Douglas when we were risking our lives and we did not even know about it. About that in a next post!


  • Do invest in some good, sturdy, comfy, and reliable shoes/sandals. My 15$ AUD sneakers became a pain in the ass, or rather leg, right at the worst time ever, a beautiful stroll during our tour.
  • Buy yourself a good hat with wide rim. Sun protection and a mini shade will go a big way. You will be thanking me later.
  • Wardrobe! OMGoodness, do not skimp on clothes that is designed to repel sweat and provide adequate help when you are sweating bullets. Do buy a couple of LONG SLEEVE shirts to protect yourself from the sun. Do not be Julia, me, who wears bikini everywhere. Yeahhh, that happened.
  • If you feel too hot, put some cold water on your wrists, where your veins are. That is what kangaroos do. If it works for them it will work for you.

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