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Budget or no budget Toronto has it all. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. With 6+ million people and growing, it caters to many tastes and finances. Shopping is one of THE ways to get to know the city well. 

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget

Open up the city and its many quirky neighborhoods. One of a kind local shopping scene is guaranteed regardless of your budget. Here is where to find what you are looking for.

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget


Malls and General suggestions:

Eaton center for global brands like J Crew, Zara, Massimo Dutti, etc. Recently Nordstrom opened in this location, and people of Toronto could not be happier.

Vaughn Mills shopping mall. The biggest shopping center in Canada. Need I say more?

Saks Fifth Avenue that just opened recently in front of Eaton Center.

Historic Queen Street West is a destination for smaller stores and world name brands. There are also plenty of restaurants in the area to choose from so you can catch a break from shopping. 

While you are at it, try Insomnia cafe/restaurant. It will take your breath away with their “heaven on earth” ( an actual name for French toast).

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget


Yonge Street from Dundas to St Clair.  Here you will find anything and everything. For interior design and decor, options start from Summerhill till St. Clair.

In this area do make a filling and delicious stop at Sansotei Ramen. It is a Japanese soup with noodles goodness that will make you crave it many days after your visit. And it is budget friendly!

Yonge Street and Lawrence offers small type business boutiques with some awesome one of a kind shopping options.

Zaza Cafe or Nervosa restaurant are good options for food. Be advised though that this is an upscale neighborhood, so prices are through the roof! 

Kensington Market is a great neighborhood and a place for vintage and second-hand shopping. It is also located next to China Town which has a whole other level mega cheap universe hidden inside of it.

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget

Want to know my favorite summer spots in Toronto? Read them here.

If you feel hungry there, you are in luck as there are a plethora of cheap and delicious dining options. Pick the one with the most Chinese people in it! Just like Rachel from friends😀.


If you ever lost, just keep in mind one fact: all of Toronto life is on Yonge Street. And that means that from the get go the city was designed in a way that all of the shopping entertainment and other businesses are situated mostly along one street.

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget

PATH is the largest underground pedestrian system in North America. It connects 1200 stores and restaurants, 50 office towers, 20 parking garages, five subway stations and a railway terminal over its’ twenty eight-kilometer long.

Each letter in PATH is a different color representing a different direction:
P is red and points south.
A is orange and points west.
T is blue and directs north.
H is yellow and points east.

The world’s largest underground sidewalk sale happens once a year with all the businesses found along the PATH.


Food options are numerous, but if you stumble upon Tim Horton’s and decide to eat there you will hear millions of Canadians cheer on! We could not be prouder of our “Timies.” 

It is a very affordable option for anything you might find in Toronto. Healthier than Mc Donald’s or any other food chain our national pride will leave the hungrier of men satisfied and wallets happier.

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget


Deemed by many as an expensive city Toronto has budget friendly options for the most frugal of shoppers. At this point, vintage shopping is your friend.

Stores to check out cute and budget friendly pieces: 

  • Winners,
  • Marshalls, 
  • Joe Fresh, 
  • Uniqlo

Kensington Market area is good for vintage and affordable stores with a designer aesthetic in mind. The area is also close to China Town which is a center of all things cheap.

If you are on a super tight budget, then I recommend checking out a Salvation Army store. If done properly one can find all kind of treasures.


If you want to be pampered, head to Holt Renfrew or Hudson Bay on Bloor and Yonge. Bloor Street West offers elite shops that cater to the most demanding of shoppers.
A recent addition to Toronto shopping scene is Saks Fifth Avenue and NORDSTROM.

Check out Yorkville village and plaza for small and costly boutique options. It is like someone forgot to develop it and left this cute piece of old Toronto in the middle of business district. where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget


Did you say “Luxury on a budget”? Yes, please! Toronto is the place to see and be seen. Here are some shops that cater to travelers who want luxury items but are on the budget. 

Your options would include some high-end consignment shopping:

  • Consign Toronto
  • Designer Exchange
  • Fashionably Yours Designer Consignment Boutique
  • VSP
  • Kind Exchange
  • Common Sort
  • L’Elegante Boutique

where-shop-in-Toronto at any budgetGO CANADIAN

If you would like to shop Canadian brands then here is the list of companies you should consider:

  • Rudsak (leather goods, apparel, accessories $$$),
  • Roots (leather goods, clothing, accessories $$),
  • Lululemon (sports and athleisure apparel,$$),
  • Kit and Ace(every day wear $$$),
  • Arc’teryx (sport and performance wear)
  • Aritzia (leather goods, everyday clothes, accessories, $$-$$$),
  • Joe Fresh (clothes and accessories, $),
  • Mendocino,(apparel and accessories $$-$$$)
  • Aldo (shoes and accessories, $-$$)where-shop-in-Toronto at any budget


One of other food options in downtown Toronto is a hidden from everyone, hole in the wall and my personal favorite, Korean place. If you are looking for a quick bite and a healthy choice on a budget, then Bob’s Bulgogi is the place to go. Another option is a Marche restaurant that has all kinds of food and satisfies multinational tastes keeping it in a single location.

When you are done with shopping and want to show off your envy inspiring recent purchases, peek into LAVALLE bar and lounge. The views of downtown are spectacular. And if you are visiting during summer, they have a rooftop swimming pool! 

Toronto shopping guide on any budget




Always improving one's surroundings.


  1. I had no idea Toronto was that big! What a great shopping guide; when I lived in Seattle, we used to go shopping to Vancouver all the time for the good exchange rate 🙂 Now, I think I should write this post for Chicago, very useful.

    • Hey, Leigh,

      Toronto is huge when it comes to little neighborhoods and shopping. And t is my personal belief that it is way cheaper than Vancouver.

      It would be insanely useful if you wrote the shopping guide for Chicago. I am a closeted shopping junkie more than I would like to admit. Thank you for stopping by. Please do let me know if you write it, I would love to check it out!

      Happy traveling!

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