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Travel burnout, travel blues, bad mood or just loss of interest, is just a small part of our travel lifestyle. We have been going for so long we developed a system for when one of us or both of us is not feeling it.

We are only human, and I guess it comes with the territory.


Here are a couple of points about understanding that you have a travel burnout.

Travel burnout basics

Usually, the symptoms are something like following:

You are not excited anymore and wake up already tired.

Nothing can switch a negative troll in your head.

You are one week into not shaving your legs and wearing stained clothes. If you are a guy then a beard and same shirt for days.

No place is interesting enough to be there. No new food is tasty enough to eat or even try.

You feel anxiety each time someone mentions the word car, go, travel, new, luggage, or packing.

It’s ok. We have all been there. It happens to me every month or two. I become homesick or just restless.

I have figure a couple of solutions when I feel the travel blues are coming.

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Travel burnout cure tips

Take longer as opposed to shorter periods of travel.

Don’t try to see all in one go. Save some for later. That is why we keep coming back to places like Japan, Thailand, United States and more. In some cities, there is so much to do it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Try to do this one favorite thing that you do all the time. For me, it is hiking or climbing the highest point in the current city. It gives a refreshing perspective.


For someone else, it could be a massage or a hair appointment. Shopping therapy? Now you are speaking my language!

Stay hydrated, well nourished, and avoid sleepless nights. Proper food and not convenience store junk is crucial on the road.

Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed. If you are in your 20s, then you might disregard this rule. But if you are past 25 then something switches inside of you, and all of the sudden you can’t wake up at 8 am after dancing all night and doing shots till 7 a.m.

tokyo travel

Turn Off your media devices and just dive in wherever you are. This one is sometimes so hard to do when you depend on GPS, taking pictures and googling how to say “toilet” in Japanese(by the way it is just toilet). But try nonetheless!

Skype with those who matter to you the most at least once a week. You don’t feel as lonely, and you can spill all the recent stories, so you don’t have to hold anything back.I sometimes have a skype session with several relatives during one day.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Skype, I don’t now how I would travel for so long.

Exercise, go for a run, swim, or hike. Sports activities release endorphins into your brain which in turn make you happy.

Take yourself out of your brain’s comfort zone. By doing something new, that you have never done before you achieve two major things.

One is a complete switch off from your mood. The second, you gain an entirely alternative perspective on things! As a result, a brain is rested and occupied at the same time which is what one wanted in the first place.

Paris photo

Final tip

Just don’t do anything. Take it easy and have a lazy day. It will be so worth it.

Your batteries recharge, and your mind slows down a bit. Take a hot shower, watch a movie, cook your home recipe or favorite food, have some wine and cheesecake, and you will see your travel burnout disappear in no time.

Prevent Travel burnout for the future

One crucial thing that I discovered besides taking it easy, not trying to stuff a million things in one visit, and doing my favorite activities, is to have a routine. Routine puts my mind at ease. It creates a comfortable, predictable bubble where I know what to expect and my responsibilities. I plan around it and don’t dwell on the things I cannot fix.

Portugal photo

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If you liked this post, please give it “Thumbs Up.” I would love to hear your tips for preventing a travel burnout! Leave them in the comments down below.


Always improving one's surroundings.


  1. “You are one week into not shaving your legs” – haha, can I get travel burnout at home?

    Seriously though, I think the point about turning off your devices is a great one. I also find that signing up for a day tour or activity can help – it gives me a reason to get out of bed and stop lounging around in my pants, and having a good guide can be a shortcut to ignite the travel spark again.

    • Hey, Steph!
      Thank you for stopping by! Absolutely love that tip! I sometimes(most of the days) find myself on the lazy side of things when I just want a prepackaged goodness. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Definitely agree when travel burnout hits you gotta take care of your body and soul. Great tips for ways to get the good feelings back to keep on going.

    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked the tips! Happy traveling. 🙂

  3. Acknowledging your travel burnout is a huge step towards getting rid of it. Write about or read back to how you felt when you started your trip, and why you’re even traveling in the first place. Help someone elseHave you ever noticed how thinking of others helps us out of our own pain or self-indulgence?

    • Hey! I agree. Even volunteering is an excellent way to get rid of the blues. Traveling is not always self-indulging. I do not exactly stay at 5-star resorts. In my case, it is seldom self-indulgence because I put myself out of my comfort zone almost all the time. Thanks for stopping by!

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