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Here we are visiting Auckland, New Zealand! Weather in November is not the best but it is also not the worst. After all the temperature is almost the same here year round. Auckland is a very small and very cute city. We only stayed for a couple of days and just walked everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes we just wing it. It was also our first wedding anniversary. Yey!

There is a funny story though about our stay.

We checked in, or rather came to our hostel, at 11 p.m.. When we came in we were greeted by two envelopes with room keys and a detailed explanation of how to get what and where. Right of the back the place gave of a weird vibe. Beside looking for it for one hour under a poring rain and then climbing up the narrow and poorly lit stairs with four suitcases I was still trying to shut up my gut feeling and focus on being optimistic. All hope was gone when I saw a barefoot guy sitting on a couch wearing a hood on his head just starring at the TV in the common area. Did I mention his face was covered entirely with tattoos and that he didn’t even blink? I still do not know what was weirder, tattoos or the lack of blinking. I was not blinking either for like 15 seconds. I was in a mini shock. I did not know what to think or do or even say. We just moved slowly to our rooms and decided to check out the next day. After taking a shower and going to sleep at 12.30 a.m he was still there, sitting with a working TV.

Another interesting thing was that for the price of the hostel for two rooms we were able to rent a two bedroom apartment not far from this place but in a much secure location. Unfortunately, I do not remember both places names but Tripadvisor and Google are your friends.

CollageTip: wind breaker is a all you think about when you do not have one there. Comfy shoes are always a good idea since the city is small and you can walk everywhere. Hosteling with your in laws may be not such a great idea.

Architecture Collage


Always improving one's surroundings.

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  1. Hassie Mariotti Reply

    We spent a lovely holiday in this area back in 09, it's very sad to see it this way as they are totally dependent on tourism. It's a beautiful region.

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