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It is my pleasure to meet you!

Florence golden bridge

My name is Julia and I was born in Moscow, Russia. I grew up and studied there until I was 17 years old. Then I moved to Montreal, Canada where it was just as cold in winter and as hot during summer. 🙂 While in Canada I studied interior design and worked in high-end retail for five years.

It was during my school years that I met the most amazing man in my life, Mr.K. After three years together we got married in Nassau, Bahamas.

Read my featured proposal story here. It was epic.

Bahamas wedding photo

It is then when we decided to not to get a mortgage, car, or any other dept and go on traveling and discovering the world one country at a time.

On May 2016 we have added an additional member to our travel family. For now he couldn’t care less but I hope one day it will pay off for him with dividends. 🙂

Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles


So I quit my interior design job, packed my stuff, gave away our furniture, and went to the first country on the list, Argentina. So far it has been an eye opening experience that teaches us something new every day. It has been more than 25 countries and 70 cities since our start on May 14th, 2011.

How do we travel? All the whats and hows are covered in this and this post.

Japan onsen

I started this blog in hope to share our experience, tips, goodies, recipes, and stories that we learned along the way.

If you would like to know more about our lifestyle, please go here.

Posts and articles are usually published on Wednesday late mornings. I am all about keeping it real and positive.

Los Angeles

You can join me on Instagram for daily posts about my travels and inspiration, or my Pinterest for latest travel fashion, gadgets, and travel accessories and news, or even Facebook for travel alerts and travel tips.

Join me on my journey! I bet we both will have a blast.

Julia K

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or inquiries please feel free to contact me at julia.k(at)


I hear the world calling, and I just can't ignore it! Affordable options and insider tips are one of the few things I cover on this blog. Who doesn't love a good travel hack? Travel better and more often with mine! :)

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