So how did we decide to travel around this hot flat home to thousands of creatures that are either cute or scary?

It happened because we had really bad experience with our property owners and roommates. There is no way around it. We were renting an apartment with another couple in South Yarra district. Instead of getting used to each other, being polite, and understanding, we grew apart from each other including the proprietor. I was actually looking forward to meeting and leaving with another couple and being treated fairly by our landlord. Unfortunately, it left a bad taste in both of our mouths.

Beach in MelbourneWhen the time came to move out our issues escalated beyond repair and we could not wait to get out of the apartment. A month before our move out date we were looking for another apartment in Melbourne.


It was yet another couple whom we’ve met while looking at their apartment that inspired us to tour Australia. In fact, they were leaving for a trip and seemed very excited about it. When I asked them why they were subleasing their place, I got an “AHA” moment from their answer. If it was a hypothetical theory before, it became our reality right after we met with them. To this day, they are probably traveling and have no idea what role they played in our lives. Long story short, we apologized for not being able to afford the place and left. It was such a fast decision for both of us that we did not even have to discuss it.


Overall, it took me three weeks to plan, research our future destinations, and reserve a car rental, hotels, tours and other things that people need when on the road trip. 🙂

Thank you for reading! More articles are coming up! Stay tuned for cities we visited, unforgettable tours we took, and a story that could have cost us our lives.


Always improving one's surroundings.

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